Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankful Thursday Top Ten 35

If you already need to sweep...pull out the Moon Sand

Thankful This Week For:

1. Nation helping me fold laundry [willingly] for over an hour this morning

2. Nation & I's special time together reading Winnie the Poohir.gif during naps this week. [using the iBook app---free download!]

3. Getting invited to a [free!] very nice wine tasting tonight with a high school friend I reconnected with through facebook #datenight #perksofnotbeingpregnant

4. A great post reminding me why God created sleep & why it's important 

5. Completing Beth Moore's study on David. I think I'm most thankful I have until June [next session on: Inheritance] to catch up on the days I missed throughout the past 10 weeks. It was a very intimate study on his life.

6. Moses' party going so well

7. Seeing my boys dance and worship in the front of church this past Sunday. [and that they didn't get off the stage and or get in trouble either!]

8. This cold wet weather, despite how crazy it makes the boys and I feel all cooped up inside---I wouldn't trade it for a one season climate.

9. Everyone's overwhelming love and support when I poured out my heart.

10. Monday nights homeschool meeting---always walk away feeling encouraged [and full of ideas!]

What are you thankful for this week?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weight Watchers Wednesday 8


I'm down another *almost* half pound, at .4 ---which I know isn't worth jumping up and down about, but considering over the last three weeks I've gone down almost a pound instead of up---is good for me.

Plus, I'm officially down 12 pounds. I'd love my next goal to be 189 so I can kiss the 190's good bye!

My goal, still remains two pounds a week, but I need to continue to make some changes.

Places I went bad recently:
1. Didn't fully chart my points daily
2. Stopped going to meetings
3. Prioritize things like blogging over #1

This last week, I committed to drink less Starbucks and drink several more bottles of water a day. I stuck very closely to trying to achieve 4 bottles of water a day, and I only had Starbucks once.

I also attended a meeting Tuesday night.

We are moving in less than two weeks so I know I'll burn some extra calories packing and then some additional ones once we move in and with unpacking and hopefully in the near future...sunshine+sidewalks=more walking.

My bestie Sarah and I are both doing Weight Watchers together and are re-committing to challenging each other to prioritize the meetings, the charting and hopefully soon [being only 5 minutes apart verses 30] take more frequent walks together!

How y'all doing?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easy Mexican Chicken Bake

You've heard me say it before, I don't enjoy cooking. What I enjoy even less is meal planning and grocery shopping. Thanks to E-mealz [see my previous post] I am now able to meal plan, grocery shop, save money, and eat healthy. Here is one of their recipes that was easy and family friendly this last week.

Should feed 4-6 adults & cost you less than $10 for ingredients.

Grocery list:
1.5 lb boneless/skinless chicken breasts
2- 15 oz cans black beans [rinsed & drained]
1 c FF sour cream [I used regular]
1 t Cumin
1 t Pepper
4 oz can chopped green chilies
6 small corn tortillas – cut into 2 inch strips
[I just laid down the whole tortilla]
1 c shredded sharp cheddar cheese
3 pears [peeled & halved]
[I didn't peel]
3 t light margarine
6 t brown sugar
6 t cinnamon

Mexican Chicken Bake
[6 servings @ 8 WW pts+ each]

Boil chicken for 10 min. or until done
Chop [I tore] & combine with:
Beans, sour cream, cumin, pepper,& chilies
Place tortillas in the bottom of dish
Cover with half chicken mixture
Top with cheese
Bake 30 min @ 350.

Broiled Pears
[6 servings @ 2 WW pts+ each]

Half pears
Spray baking dish [or tray]
Place side up
Top each half with:
1 t margarine
1 t brown sugar
1 t of cinnamon 
[more or less I didn't measure]
Broil [I baked] about 5 minutes

Monday, March 28, 2011

Look Whooo Turned One -Moses-

Moses turned one last week and we had his party on Saturday. Originally we had near 60 people coming, but the stomach bug was going around and we had about 5 families cancel. We missed them, but were thankful they didn't come spread the germs. I think we ended up with around 15 adults and all their kiddos. My dad & half sister came up from Texas as well.

I used Toadally Cute from Etsy for all my party decor and favors, and Barb the Cake Lady made the cake. She took the graphic and fondant designed the cake to match. It was as amazing to eat as it was to look at. My cousin-in-law, Amanda, who is training on my embroidery machine, designed and made the onesize Moses wore. 

I made...the baby.

Oh, and the evite.

My other two boys, barely tasted their smash cake before detesting the mess, crying and quitting. Moses, was slow at first, but he soon dug right in and literally obliterated the cake. I still am amazed at how much he ate. I probably shouldn't have let him, but it was too funny.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

25 Things I Do Wrong: The Day After

Please go back to yesterday's post and read the comments, that's where the real jewels are. I copy and pasted all the emails & messages I received. I did not transcribe the calls though. Thanks for those too, you know who you are.

Honestly, when I sat down last night and journaled in a notepad, I had no idea that it would become a post. I knew it was going to be too honest and too raw to ever publicly share. And yet, after I finished I felt fine. Like the tears dried and the room stopped spinning. Immediately clarity came and I felt the Lord start to speak to me about things [that probably won't make sense when you read them], but for me totally were "proverbs" for my particular predicaments.

I shared, hoping, if anything---if you'd ever been tempted to think I have it all together you'd know...none of us do!

I wasn't by any means crying out for attention or expecting anyone's sympathy. I was honestly more afraid [and even plotting to remove the comments] of criticisms and ridicule for being so honest. I thought someone might even remind me how awful it is to not fight my kids plaque or gingivitis.

Instead, I was o-v-e-r-w-h-e-l-m-e-d by everyone's outpour of "me too", "been there recently" "still there" "i love you" etc. I had no idea. I really thought I was alone. I also didn't realize the incalculable invaluable treasure I had in my friends [both real & virtual].

From the bottom of my heart. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

As I assumed, many of you were worried about me, but I promise I'm fine. I just needed to be there and say that, and move on. Today was by no means a walk in the park, but as you can see above, the Lord showered my eyes with pink beauty smack dab in the middle of my hectic day.

wife/motherhood...the never-ending glory to glory transformation


The other things I wrote down last night:

Love the Lord
Love my husband
Love my kids
Love others

Does what I'm doing love these in that order?

Works is not equal to Love.

Heart and motive are superior to action.

Think about spending time like you do money. Spend on what you need in order of priority. 

Don't pretend that the desire to give is the same as giving. 

Spend your time as if it was money you were commanded to spend on a specific thing. Don't spend it on something you weren't suppose to.

Education does not always produce a love of learning. They are different. 

Acts of service do not always equate loving someone.

Inspired service is the goal. Not completed acts leading towards a goal.One will produce Godly fruit and one will produce check marks in a box.

Comprehension of Love is superior to cooperation.

Getting someone to do what you want, isn't getting their heart to change. [reference to child training]

Give yourself room to fail. 

Humility is anticipating you'll fall short. Knowing He picks up where we land.

Don't hold your children to standards you don't hold yourself to.

The sins, bad habits, rebellion you refuse to surrender to the Lord sews these same sins, habits and rebellion into your own child. Free yourself--free your child.


Please don't hold me to theological or physiological accuracy of the above. It is simply what poured out, line after line, after my confession to the Lord. I'd like to hope, most of it was from him, and that I heard and understood more or less what he was truly saying to me. Either way, I feel encouraged---practically and foundationally from the Lord how to begin moving forward.

Friday, March 25, 2011

25+ Things Wrong With Me

[This post may be too much of a downer for some of you, sorry, it's reality for me right now]

I'm up at nearly 2 am, because I can't sleep. My mind is swirling with all my failure from today. My failed attempts to train Nation, my drained heart that "greeted" my husband after work, and the fallout that followed both. I know you'll say I'm being too hard on myself and I know you'll say making a list of things wrong with you isn't healthy. You're probably right about both. Yet, I'm already feeling better. It's out. Exposed. Known. Now, maybe, The Lord can begin to further invade these areas. I've tried, but I've failed. I need Him to come and do it through me. I need His love.

Things I'm down about lately:

I can't ever stick to a schedule.
I stay up too late.
I sleep in too late.
I'm always tired.
I rarely spend time with Jesus.
I'm not encouraging enough to my husband.
I speak rudely to my husband.
My house has become grubbier and grubbier.
I stay online too much.
I hardly ever read to my kids.
I hardly ever sit down with my older kids individually.
I religiously go through the motions without even realizing it.
I never brush my kids teeth.
I don't memorize scripture.
I'm always behind on my Beth Moore.
I'm not good at loosing weight.
I'm selfish with my husband.
I speak rudely to my kids.
I don't give away as much money as I know I should.
I can't seem to finish a book.
I'm struggling to meet any of my goals.
I'm rarely walking in the supernatural anymore.
I operate mostly out of my flesh.
I'm so passive to the lies & attacks against my thoughts.
I blame everyone else.
I want more kids, but think I'm already doing a poor job.
I'm always late.
I fear I'll never become who I want to be.
I don't know where to start.
I feel like I get up and the same things happen all over again.
I feel like quitting.
I hate failing.
I'm probably too prideful to even pinpoint the amount.
I'm overly emotional.
I'm too easily angered.
I loose control.
I get too angry.
I've been the same for too long.
I fear I'll never change.
I wonder if I'm alone, but could never tell anyone all this.
I have great intentions and terrible follow through.

I do love my God. I do love my husband. I do love my kids. I do love my friends, and I do love strangers. However, I'm overwhelmed by how poorly I daily---tangibly---communicate and show this. I feel like I'm beyond the "I'm a mess---in need of Jesus", and I've crossed over to, "I'm such a mess forget it Lord, please give up on me too". I feel like I have.

I'm about to start my period. Hence, the drama of this post.

And yet, it's worked like a truth serum. 

I hope I'm not alone.

I know what I ought to do, but don't do it.

There is no one to blame, but me. 

There is no excuse, but my disobedience.

How do I get here? So discouraged, I don't even want to get better. 

But I do.

I don't really need your advice, I don't mean this pridefully, but I already know---I already know what I should be doing, but somehow it seems so much resistance. I know where to go, but I don't know where to start, or maybe I do, but the journey seems to long and hard [as if this one isn't]. Encouragement & Prayer, I'll take.

I stare at this mess [me] like my 4 year old stares at his messy room---he hears the command to clean it up, but is overwhelmed. Jesus, please come to my room, and help me pick up all these pieces. Get this started for me. Clear the floor of these 400 legos and help me organize my life into the right bins. Your buckets of time. Please encourage me and continue to hold me accountable until this room is all picked up. Remind me that I am four and it doesn't [won't] ever be perfect, but I can certainly do more than I'm doing now.


[Semi-Serious] Funny Friday #8

I wish I had something funny to report, but this week was pretty rough with my oldest child. The whole week is sorta a blur after these last two days.

bottle of water poured into iPhone
several pieces of dishes broken
attempt climbing out a window [again]
getting out of carseat [again]
broken window screens
dissembled [older] iPod
pages of books torn out
coloring everywhere
attitudes, arguing, and lying oh my
I could go on...

He's a sweetheart, but he's will needs to be broken [again] for all things Jesus and not all things flesh. He's not like this all time [thankfully], but has moments/seasons of training and re-trainging.  I've thrown in the towel a few times this week, but my husband has picked it back up. I love that kid more than anything, but he gets to me...and I'm pretty sure he knows. That's where I'm at, and I know where I'm working towards. Prayers and kind advice welcomed.

[In case you're wondering we do discipline him, but alternative/creative suggestions welcome]

I know that's life parenting, but nevertheless, a good laugh for us all...

Theme: Chick-Fil-A

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten 34

Thankful This Week For:

1. This post on 10+ helps for busy moms [sums up my beliefs!]
2. This post on remembering the power of praising our kids
3. My iPhone's apparent recovery from child+bottled water
4. Moses turning 1. He's irresistible.
5. That my husband heard His voice in a powerful way this past weekend
6. For wisdom I know will come---regarding Nation---it's been a tough week
7. Our [future] home inspection that went well---just minor repairs
8. A husband who patiently helps me with parenting
9. Finalizing our couch & dining table purchase [I may or may not have pouted my way to getting both my favorites]
10. A very nice "just because" gift from my husband [although I'd like to think it was a thanks for nursing for 12 months gift---after all that did save us nearly $1500+]


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Moses' [Home] Birth Story

Moses Braveheart Georgi
March 23, 2010

365 days ago I gave birth to Moses. Here is his [home] birth story.

I was due to have baby #3 (3rd home birth) on Friday March 26. The weekend before I had some false/pre-labor just for a bit and with about 10 minutes apart contractions, but they would go away and only got me to 3cm. Margaret [my midwife] thought it was another day or so...she turned out to be right! However, I went ahead to planned my week I was sure I'd go late again.

Monday night from 6-7pm when I laid down for a nap I had contractions, 10 minutes apart again, but when I got in the shower they went away. Later that night, I think I was trying to drain my DVR and probably watched 4 Law & Order SVU's and Trama & then 24. Charles got home "early" from playing poker and we went to bed. [No funny busy in case you're wondering.] I laid down at 12:30am.

Immediately I had a contraction, then 5 minutes later, another, and another, etc. I was terrified it was false labor again and would have Margaret come out again for nothing. So I waited till 1 am, called and said "should I take a shower and see if they go away again?" She knew what I didn't. It was at that exact moment they started getting to be only 3 minutes apart, she said she was already speeding down the road by this point. She's 90 minutes away.

Margaret asked me to do my best to not bring on any more contractions, so I just stood beside my bed and labored, but they kept coming harder and faster. Because of my two previous labors Charles thought he had some time [first birth: 12 hours, second birth: 16 hours] so he said he was just going to go back to sleep. To which I replied, you need to get up and get dressed.

Immediately, I threw up twice (transition). Charles was getting very excited he would be able to deliver the so much. I explained to him that though he'd witnessed two, he had not delivered two. I was really wanting my Margaret there to deliver. She arrived at 2 am. She began preparing for the delivery. I was expecting this would go on another 10 hours at least. She checked me and I was at 8 cm.

Before I knew it I was at 9 and then ready to push. I basically just stood beside my bed and labored leaning over and then "slow danced" (we joked) with Charles. I got up in the bed and pushed...not sure how long, it wasn't long, I'm going to guess 5-10 minutes. My water had not broke yet and I was feeling it. 

When it did break---Moses got his name---"delivered from water", my water shot out across the room 6 feet and hit my bedroom door. My midwife seemed to move in slow motion out of the way. Charles [& everyone in the room] began marveling at it, to which I replied...well, let's just say I asked everyone for the attention back.

It's on video. When I die, I'll let my kids put it on YouTube. It will pay for their kids college.

Within minutes of my water breaking I was pushing. I pushed a few times and it seemed just about like the last two--just having to control and breath through to not pop him out. No tearing! Charles caught him and announced it was a boy! This was at 3:30 am. 

Charles said this labor would have some surprise to it. I'm guessing it's the 3 hour part. I can't complain, I'm so glad it was short. Funny, he was our 3rd child, 3rd boy, born on the the 3rd day of the week, 3 days before his due date, in the 3rd month of the year, on the 23rd at 3:38am.

Margaret guesses he was about 1/1.5 weeks "early". He was covered in vernix. Again, I don't complain...I was due an early baby! Nation was 5 days "late" and Solomon 8. He weighted 7 lbs 12 oz, 21 inches, 13 cm head. He nursed great right away. My recovery was the easiest---considering my last baby was over 9 lbs.

Our friend Lauren was there to take pictures, video and help in every way. She was such a blessing. We missed our previously (free) Doula April, who attended my first two births, but baby just came too fast. She had been there earlier that day, flew in from NC to walk with me, but I sent her home to her husband fearing it would be another week. Next time, I'm just going to make her be away from her husband!

I love pregnancy and birth. Not every single moment of either, but I am particularly fond of it's miracle. I remember at one point in between contractions [I tend to like to joke around or boss around] saying "I'm trying to remember why I was so excited about this"...meaning I had been nothing, but looking forward to labor and in the middle of transition teasing myself that it was in fact---a lot of work!

 We still joke that giving birth to Moses was shorter than the movie Avatar. 

Weight Watchers Wednesday 7


In case you think you're seeing double---you aren't. I'm exactly the same weight I was last week. Which is both discouraging and encouraging. Discouraging because this is really putting me further and further behind the schedule I have for myself. And encouraging that at least I didn't gain weight. There is no one to blame, but me.

Places I went wrong:
1. Did not drink enough water 
2. Starbucks coffee [even my 7 pt tall non-fat no-whip...just too many times]
3. Eating out too much

I'm hoping to improve those this week by writing down what I've drank. There is a place on the app to record numbers of bottles of water. I only drink water, and usually a lot of it, but for whatever reason this last week I wasn't very thirsty and just did poorly at it. I know this because one night I realized I hadn't even drank a full bottle of water. 

I was a little sleep deprived from over doing it and stress from pre-moving so to compensate I drank one coffee a day some days. I'm going to attempt to get in bed in time to get somewhere between 7-8 hours of sleep.

I'm back on my E-mealz plan for this week. We ate out a lot last week because we were doing a lot of shopping for the new house and I just wasn't in my groove of cooking.

I'm a bit afraid of the weekend coming up because I know my family is coming in town for Moses' first birthday [which is today!] and there will be lots of eating out, ice cream, and cake. Hopefully I can still make good choices.

Wouldn't it be awesome if instead of sleep walking I sleep ran? 

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Mother Who Stopped Pretending

Three clean boys in a slightly soap scum bath.

I think if I have to read about the struggle between "caring for" or "caring about" my children one more time on this blog, I might stop reading my own blog. The only comfort I take is that I know I am not alone, even if, just other fellow bloggers [although I'm sure there is more]. 

I'm currently reading Crazy Love, that, in combination with our church conference this past weekend with guest speaker Steve Thompson...has got me thinking a lot about His love. Today I continuously asked the Lord to reveal His love towards me and to help me reveal it to others. "The Others" [not to be confused with LOST, you fellow fans], are in fact most days---"just" my children. Although I see an occasional adult at the park or store, my chatting is usually limited.

It's mind boggling to me how much we struggle against what is important [eternal] and what isn't. Even in mothering, seeing things long term instead of short term. Seeing the quick short response to our child as a means to a quick silence, but forgetting the long term negative ripple effects in their lives and habits effecting even generations after from our unnecessary sharpness. 

I think I'd do my children [not to mention my husband---a whole other post] the best service to specialize in love. That what they remember, know, experience, see, and eventually share is love. Not so much the ability to sweep, or education to read, or recipes to share...but experiences of love. It's a gentle reply, serving before you sever yourself, sharing, or listening.

I want to be known as the mother whose house is kept, or excellent chef, or talented hobbyist, or perfect teacher. At this rate, even at the expense of peace and love. Maybe it's okay if I'm just known for having a slightly grubby house, slightly burnt meals, slightly neglected scrapbooks, and attempted teacher at the reward of being known as a mother who daily walked out love.

I certainly don't think these are exclusive or that you can't have them all [that is the goal], but is it okay to just come out and say: "World, what I value most isn't the temporary, seen, or external, but what I'm invested in is the eternal, unseen, inward---heart."

Would that help you understand why I don't care if there's a mess, or a snotty nose, or a unfinished worksheet? But instead that I held my tongue from cutting and built up instead. Or that I stepped over toys on my way to read to my child. What if I stopped pretending, yes it is, pretending that all this shell somehow protects something precious---when all I've done is destroy the inward to shine the outward? 

Lord, help us to nourish the inward, sometimes even at the expense of leaving a smug on the outward.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Funny Friday #7 [St. Patricks Recap]

That's Moses on St. Patricks day with a root beer float people! I didn't bake, or do any fun crafts, but I did buy them matching out fits--manage to get them to smile---thank you daddy for pretending to fart---and buy some green goodies for them.

The mint Oreos tasted just like the girl scout cookies so save your money! [And they are two points each for you WW people]. The green cupcakes were good I'm assuming [I did resist], but I will tell you my kids woke up today and asked for more cookies and cupcakes because "it's Valentine's day", ha! They get their holidays mixed up, but never their refreshments.

Hope your St. Patricks day was green---I didn't wear any---oops, but then again, no one pinched me either. By the way, people often make fun of me for the way I say pinched. I might do a vlog in the future and say the word for you.

What did you do for St. Patricks day? 

Anything funny happen to you this week?

Cleaning the shredded parmesan cheese out of the brown sugar container was entertaining a little. Probably most humorous was watching me take all three kids into Old Navy---on the way to church in less than 10 minutes so I could dress them in something Summer & clean before heading to the conference tonight. They were hot messes from grandma's house & all the rest of our clean summer clothes are in storage. I managed to get us dressed, feed and across Atlanta in an hour. I'm sure Jesus was laughing at my Friday night insanity if no one else.

They matched.
They were clean.
They will be wearing those outfits at least 100 times until we move.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten 33

Thankful This Week For:

1. Nation's new stick people [complete with elbows & knees]
2. Moses trying to see what his brothers are doing without him
3. A fabulous small group "ladies night in" even if I did eat too much
4. My tax dollars put to good use
5. Two steps [classes] closer to understanding this embroidery machine
6. Creative the ones who actually did this: UP
7. Giving the ones who created this:
8. iPod touches. It's made furniture shopping with 3 little kids almost bearable.
9. Transparency & prayer. We all fall or go through rough times---be real. 
10. Nation's safety. a) after climbing out the window b) that he survived Me after what he did next...

Beth Moore once said she use to tell her girls after they did something really naughty, to go to their rooms---for their own sake---to run and lock the door. Ha. After Nation decided to climb out his window and run around outside during naptime, he then proceeded to dig himself a deeper hole by opening up the closet and emptying out every single piece of clothing that was hung and everything on the shelves onto his floor. Even way up high---still don't know how he did that. 

I *thought* he was cleaning his room, he did it in just under 5 minutes. And that, is why we call him The Flash. At least he's been drawing me pictures of stick figures with elbows to make me laugh.

What are you thankful for?
Link up below!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weight Watchers Wednesday 6


Clearly .4 is hardly worth celebrating, but it's almost half a pound I suppose. I guess going down is always better than going up, but I really like the whole two pounds a week thing. I'm going to try to be extra diligent this week to write-my-points-down and hopefully make up for it! I know exactly what happen---girl's night in! The women in our small group had a party Saturday night and I keep going back for the sushi, chicken, sandwiches, chocolate covered fruit, mini pies, brownies, chips & dip...

Oh, but it was so good.

So, this week I have no tips for you, don't follow my example. I can only recommend that you have no female friends who throw fabulous parties, and that you give up chocolate and chips for the rest of your life.

I'm joking.

Stay tuned for next weeks excellent way in [in Jesus name!]

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Walk Through My House

Just took some pictures to list our house for sale---thought y'all out in cyber space might want to take a look at our 1000 sq ft "life in a shoe". I'm not posting the outside of our house for privacy reasons though.

And of course my house always never looks like this.

Living Room


Dining Room

Guest Bathroom

Guest Room

Boys Room

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom


Our house was built in the 50's or 60's, but was burned to the ground a few years ago, and a Christian carpenter completely remodeled the house. We've been very thankful for the great location and all hardwood floors. It's small, but it's been perfect for us to start a family. We would have never made it if my husband had not built the 8 foot privacy fence he did. Those [safe] extra 3,000 square feet of roaming for my boys have been p-r-i-c-e-l-e-s-s.

Our two spare rooms have been everything under the sun, including an office, guest room, nursery and even storage. Currently we have a guest bed and pack n play in one and the "boys room" is where Nation & Solomon sleep. Moses has the pack n play most days, but since they are all similar in age and size, from time to time I flip flop who sleeps where. Especially for nap times depending on who is playing too much!

We are suppose to close on our new house April 11, but I will miss this house for sure. The location---definitely, but also all the memories we've shared over the last almost 6 years. It's the house we can home to after our honeymoon, it's where I delivered and raised three boys.

Please pray with us that our house will quickly become a blessing to another Godly family. Someone lived in it for one year before we do, and by a twist of fate, I later met them and as it turned out they too were a Godly couple starting a family.


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