Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten 33

Thankful This Week For:

1. Nation's new stick people [complete with elbows & knees]
2. Moses trying to see what his brothers are doing without him
3. A fabulous small group "ladies night in" even if I did eat too much
4. My tax dollars put to good use
5. Two steps [classes] closer to understanding this embroidery machine
6. Creative the ones who actually did this: UP
7. Giving the ones who created this:
8. iPod touches. It's made furniture shopping with 3 little kids almost bearable.
9. Transparency & prayer. We all fall or go through rough times---be real. 
10. Nation's safety. a) after climbing out the window b) that he survived Me after what he did next...

Beth Moore once said she use to tell her girls after they did something really naughty, to go to their rooms---for their own sake---to run and lock the door. Ha. After Nation decided to climb out his window and run around outside during naptime, he then proceeded to dig himself a deeper hole by opening up the closet and emptying out every single piece of clothing that was hung and everything on the shelves onto his floor. Even way up high---still don't know how he did that. 

I *thought* he was cleaning his room, he did it in just under 5 minutes. And that, is why we call him The Flash. At least he's been drawing me pictures of stick figures with elbows to make me laugh.

What are you thankful for?
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  1. What a turkey!! You've got your hands full with that one, Mama!

  2. Thanks for the UP link. I'm sure my kids will enjoy seeing that. Next thing they'll be in the yard trying it with the dog house.
    I guess Nation wasn't too tired at nap time :D I'm sure you were tired after cleaning up his mess. Boys! Such vessels of creativity, energy and destruction all in one, definitely keeps us mothers on our toes cleaning and knees praying for wisdom.

  3. I love the artwork on the refriderator. You have quite the artist and the escape artist there. :)
    The escaping part kind of reminds me of a time when I was babysitting when I was all of 16 and the little girl (who was 3) went out side to play in the backyard on the swing set. Really quickly I was going to pick up the 1000 piece lego set that she had just dumped out. Seconds later I heard her say 'come find me'. I ran outside didn't see her. Turned around and saw a ladder that went up to the roof. She had climbed up on the roof. My heart jumped to my throat. I got her down just fine, but I had nightmears after that of CPS knocking on my door.

    Thanks for the option to link up it's always fun.



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