Friday, March 18, 2011

Funny Friday #7 [St. Patricks Recap]

That's Moses on St. Patricks day with a root beer float people! I didn't bake, or do any fun crafts, but I did buy them matching out fits--manage to get them to smile---thank you daddy for pretending to fart---and buy some green goodies for them.

The mint Oreos tasted just like the girl scout cookies so save your money! [And they are two points each for you WW people]. The green cupcakes were good I'm assuming [I did resist], but I will tell you my kids woke up today and asked for more cookies and cupcakes because "it's Valentine's day", ha! They get their holidays mixed up, but never their refreshments.

Hope your St. Patricks day was green---I didn't wear any---oops, but then again, no one pinched me either. By the way, people often make fun of me for the way I say pinched. I might do a vlog in the future and say the word for you.

What did you do for St. Patricks day? 

Anything funny happen to you this week?

Cleaning the shredded parmesan cheese out of the brown sugar container was entertaining a little. Probably most humorous was watching me take all three kids into Old Navy---on the way to church in less than 10 minutes so I could dress them in something Summer & clean before heading to the conference tonight. They were hot messes from grandma's house & all the rest of our clean summer clothes are in storage. I managed to get us dressed, feed and across Atlanta in an hour. I'm sure Jesus was laughing at my Friday night insanity if no one else.

They matched.
They were clean.
They will be wearing those outfits at least 100 times until we move.


  1. You do know it is pinched not pitched, right ? :)

  2. good job supermom. love those shoes on Moses! happy weekend.

  3. Please tell me you don't say peeenched...

    Cute boys as usual!



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