Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankful Thursday Top Ten 35

If you already need to sweep...pull out the Moon Sand

Thankful This Week For:

1. Nation helping me fold laundry [willingly] for over an hour this morning

2. Nation & I's special time together reading Winnie the Poohir.gif during naps this week. [using the iBook app---free download!]

3. Getting invited to a [free!] very nice wine tasting tonight with a high school friend I reconnected with through facebook #datenight #perksofnotbeingpregnant

4. A great post reminding me why God created sleep & why it's important 

5. Completing Beth Moore's study on David. I think I'm most thankful I have until June [next session on: Inheritance] to catch up on the days I missed throughout the past 10 weeks. It was a very intimate study on his life.

6. Moses' party going so well

7. Seeing my boys dance and worship in the front of church this past Sunday. [and that they didn't get off the stage and or get in trouble either!]

8. This cold wet weather, despite how crazy it makes the boys and I feel all cooped up inside---I wouldn't trade it for a one season climate.

9. Everyone's overwhelming love and support when I poured out my heart.

10. Monday nights homeschool meeting---always walk away feeling encouraged [and full of ideas!]

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Mine:
    1) 20 weeks today with baby girl!
    2) A great anatomy scan with baby girl
    3) Figuring out how I am going to fit two kids in that room!
    4) A clean office!
    5) A cleaned up toy area (are they ever really clean?)
    6) A clean big girl room for miss Grace!
    7) A baby kicking my innards as I type this :)
    8) A hubby who gets up with the girlie so I can sleep!
    9) Friends who remind me to think on the important things.
    10) Bible study girls who keep me on my toes!

  2. This post reminded me when nation dumped all of our moon sand out all over the floor!!

    Things I'm thankful for:

    Memories like the one above!

    Getting to do hair and makeup for the annual cherry blossom fashion show and it being a huge success!

    My sister coming home to the USA and I finally get to see her again after over a year of being away

    Only having just over 500 hours left of school

    My awesome kids who were kept motivated by watching "hoarders" with me and helped me clean out clothes, toys and other items to throw away or take to goodwill.

    The rain that washed all the pollen away

    Shoshonnas gardens healing salve that worked wonders on inisfrees infected gash on her leg

    Montessori whole child education; whether at home or in the class, it is the best learning and teaching style I have ever come across and has been phenomenal

    Loved ones near and far

    The Internet.... Without which I couldn't stay in touch with the far loved ones

  3. I didn't get a chance to do a thankful post today. I just got back from photographing one of M's births. It was an awesome experience!

  4. OMG- moon sand. that stuff gets EVERYWHERE & I find it for what seems like forever!



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