Monday, March 28, 2011

Look Whooo Turned One -Moses-

Moses turned one last week and we had his party on Saturday. Originally we had near 60 people coming, but the stomach bug was going around and we had about 5 families cancel. We missed them, but were thankful they didn't come spread the germs. I think we ended up with around 15 adults and all their kiddos. My dad & half sister came up from Texas as well.

I used Toadally Cute from Etsy for all my party decor and favors, and Barb the Cake Lady made the cake. She took the graphic and fondant designed the cake to match. It was as amazing to eat as it was to look at. My cousin-in-law, Amanda, who is training on my embroidery machine, designed and made the onesize Moses wore. 

I made...the baby.

Oh, and the evite.

My other two boys, barely tasted their smash cake before detesting the mess, crying and quitting. Moses, was slow at first, but he soon dug right in and literally obliterated the cake. I still am amazed at how much he ate. I probably shouldn't have let him, but it was too funny.


  1. this is amazingly cute! i love the pictures of moses eating his cake. :)

  2. Love the 7th cake picture with those two teeth at the bottom showing, super cute!

  3. Soooo cute! I miss everyone so much! A need to make a trip up there a visit a few people! (faith)



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