Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weight Watchers Wednesday 7


In case you think you're seeing double---you aren't. I'm exactly the same weight I was last week. Which is both discouraging and encouraging. Discouraging because this is really putting me further and further behind the schedule I have for myself. And encouraging that at least I didn't gain weight. There is no one to blame, but me.

Places I went wrong:
1. Did not drink enough water 
2. Starbucks coffee [even my 7 pt tall non-fat no-whip...just too many times]
3. Eating out too much

I'm hoping to improve those this week by writing down what I've drank. There is a place on the app to record numbers of bottles of water. I only drink water, and usually a lot of it, but for whatever reason this last week I wasn't very thirsty and just did poorly at it. I know this because one night I realized I hadn't even drank a full bottle of water. 

I was a little sleep deprived from over doing it and stress from pre-moving so to compensate I drank one coffee a day some days. I'm going to attempt to get in bed in time to get somewhere between 7-8 hours of sleep.

I'm back on my E-mealz plan for this week. We ate out a lot last week because we were doing a lot of shopping for the new house and I just wasn't in my groove of cooking.

I'm a bit afraid of the weekend coming up because I know my family is coming in town for Moses' first birthday [which is today!] and there will be lots of eating out, ice cream, and cake. Hopefully I can still make good choices.

Wouldn't it be awesome if instead of sleep walking I sleep ran? 

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  1. Sleep running sounds awesome! So does supernatural weight loss ha ha!



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