Monday, November 30, 2015

Homeschooling with Sky: Podcast Episode 6


This episode I interview my hilarious friend,Sky, who is a homeschool mom of 5 kiddos ages 9-2. Please enjoy our mostly uncut, unedited, un-technical and unprepared conversation. 
We cover their decision to foster and adopt 5 children, and how homeschooling assisted with that, twins [almost two sets!], math curriculums, christmas decorating, nerdy reads, nature exchange, co-ops, year round schooling, gymnastics, robotics, and much more. 
If nothing else you will walk away feeling more normal, less crazy, and think you're a better mom than both of us. For real though, I hope you are encouraged, learn something, laugh, and enjoyed this while you folded laundry.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Homeschooling with Haidy: Podcast Episode 5


This episode I interview my beautiful friend, Haidy, who is a homeschool mom of 4 kiddos ages 5-9. Please enjoy our mostly uncut, unedited, un-technical and unprepared conversation. We cover the reasons behind deciding to homeschool, homeschooling with twin toddlers, ADHD, Hyperactivity, Dyslexia, character training in the children as well as in ourselves, curriculums, hybrid homeschools, routines, what makes a great homeschool day, and much more. 

If nothing else you will walk away feeling more normal, less crazy, and think you're a better mom than both of us. For real though, I hope you are encouraged, learn something, laugh, and enjoyed this while you folded laundry.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Why Homeschool Moms are Better...

...Or how they're not.

I've been homeschooling for 5 years. In that time I've had my opportunities to think I'm better than moms who don't homeschool.

The truth is, I'm not though.

As mothers, we are all given this ridiculously sacred task of caring for and discipling persons. Persons who could go on to make this world a better place and lift high the name of Jesus. Or persons who could wonder out of our homes messed up and broken searching for years to find a way back to a safe place in their heart.

I've learned the moms who stay home and the moms who work and the moms who homeschool and the moms who don't all have this same sacred responsibility.

And they know it.

I trust that they have heard the call to care for and disciple their little ones and take their responsibility serious. I trust they have prayed and sought the Lord and heard the most ideal way for them to carry out their responsibility the way they are choosing to do it.

Not the easiest way, or the most convenient way or the way their friend does it.

The way God has uniquely called their family.

I'm finding no matter the type of mom I talk to, we are all sharing in the same tears, fears, struggles, and battles. No matter how long you have your two year old with you a week, they are still two! [I pray they are more terrific than terrible!] And no matter how long you have your thirteen year old with you a week, they are still a teenager! #Jesustakethewheel [so I hear!]

We have to start humbling ourselves and cheering each other on. This isn't a competition or a race.

I don't get to take any more credit for my child's successes later in life than I do get to take responsibility for their poor choices. At the end of the day--- they will go out and make they own decisions. I labor in rest to provide an environment for them to grow up safe, loved, known, and educated. I know you're doing this same thing for your children even if it looks different than me.

I'm not more patient or Godly than you, this is the way I feel I can best accomplish this goal is to homeschool my kids. For you, I can't say, you really have to hear the Lord on this one. It's not a pair of jeans or a style of curtains I can convince you not to buy. You're the one who has to wear this decision, you're the one who has to stare at those curtains for the next 18 years.

Chose wisely.

Whatever your choice.

I cheer you on and I pray for you. 

Because I know, this mothering thing is hard enough, the last thing you need is something treating you like they are better than you. We are all leaning into Jesus like we are trying to hold up a wall. We are all in this beautifully difficult calling of motherhood. We are all doing what we think is best for our kids.

And that makes us the best to the Lord.

He doesn't think homeschoolings is the best, He thinks obedience to His calling on your family is the best.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Homeschooling with Fernanda: Podcast Episode 4


This episode I interview my crazy Brazilian friend, Fernanda, who is a homeschool mom of 3 kiddos aged 1-5. Please enjoy our mostly uncut, unedited, un-technical and unprepared conversation [attempted to edit out a few drop calls this week!]. We cover navigating the decision to homeschool, the first two years, adding a baby to the mix, homeschooling in your 40's, world traveling with littles, what is Classical Conversations, and much more.

If nothing else you will walk away feeling more normal, less crazy, and think you're a better mom than both of us. For real though, I hope you are encouraged, learn something, laugh, and enjoyed this while you folded laundry.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Homeschooling with Elizabeth: Podcast Episode 3


This episode I interview a friend [and hero!] of mine, Elizabeth, who is a homeschool mom of 5 kiddos aged 0-5. Please enjoy our uncut, unedited, un-technical and unprepared conversation. We cover how she gets 5 kids to nap at the same time, honoring those you minister to, kids who love to clean, free homeschool resources online, working part-time, having twins, personal time for an introvert, the crazy way we met, and much more. 
If nothing else you will walk away feeling more normal, less crazy, and think you're a better mom than both of us. For real though, I hope you are encouraged, learn something, laugh, and enjoyed this while you folded laundry. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Homeschooling with Courtney: Podcast Episode 2


This week I interview a childhood friend of mine, Courtney, who is a homeschool mom of 3 kiddos aged 8 to 2. Please enjoy our uncut, unedited, un-technical and unprepared conversation. We cover Costco bacon, the importance of playing with your kids, a pet bee, homeschool schedules, child led science & history lessons, eating sardines, and much more. 
If nothing else you will walk away feeling more normal, less crazy, and think you're a better mom than both of us. For real though, I hope you are encouraged, learn something, laugh, and enjoyed this while you folded laundry. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

When You Feel Like All Your Parenting Is For Nothing

I never want to forget tonight. After a heated discussion with my oldest I sat and cried out to Jesus (even with R rated language) and asked Him for wisdom and love to deal with my children. Who, after lots of spiritual effort, I can still be left feeling like it's all just moving backwards, but in moment like tonight when my son came back to me and he spoke with such truth, repentance, understanding and love...I am renewed. 

He asked if we could pray together and I didn't feel like I was sitting by a rebellious 9 year old, but a mature 18 year old (just a little shorter than he'll probably end up!). 

Letting go of controlling people and behaviors

and trusting Jesus to do the heart changing is the only way to go. 

I felt so sure it was all for nothing until he said back everything I had ever poured into him so heartfelt. Nothing is moving backwards---it's all moving forward. He told me "you're an almost perfect mom" (and I knew instantly one day that would be a book chapter). He's an exact type of person. First he said I was perfect, but remembered no one was, so next best was --- almost perfect. Aren't we all?

He told me to keep doing what I was doing to help him grow up to be wise and in that moment I knew that all my labor wasn't in vain and neither is yours.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Week One of School with Erin: Podcast Episode 1

I had this grand idea, that I would attempt a podcast station. By podcast station, I mean, I have totally not figured this out yet, so you will have to...

CLICK HERE listen.

I promise to improve the quality of the audio and accessibility in the future podcasts.

For now, if you are super fancy, you can pull this up on your phone and listen to through your ear buds while you wash the dishes or on speaker phone while you fold laundry. I don't recommend trying to listen to this with your car bluetooth with your children present because they may come to realize how unprepared we really are as homeschool moms, I mean, educators.

This week I interview a dear friend of mine, Erin, who is a homeschool mom of 4 handsome boys aged 11 to 1. Please enjoy our uncut, unedited, un-technical and unprepared conversation. We cover everything from our first week highs and lows, to chores for kids, vomit, curriculums, how to school with a baby or toddler [or lack there of], and more.

If nothing else you will walk away feeling more normal, less crazy, and think you're a better mom than both of us. For real though, I hope you are encouraged, learn something, laugh, and realize it's okay to order non-organic pizza on Friday nights.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Classical Conversations Cycle One

Below are all my favorite resources from CC Connected. 

I will update every week... so save this page and check back in! They are listed in week order.

They are written just as you can find them on CC Connected so just copy and paste the title into the search bar. The author is in [ ] if you prefer to look up that way. 


  • Weeks 1-12 CpyWrk Review Shts [wenderbell]
  • Fridge Facts 1-12 Google Images [brandenburg3]
  • Cycle 1 Flip Chart with Skip Counting - Good [melodystroud]
  • Complete Tri Fold Cycle 1 Wks 1-6 []
  • Complete Tri Fold Cycle 1 Wks 7-12 []
  • Complete Tri Fold Cycle 1 Wks 13-18 []
  • Complete Tri Fold Cycle 1 Wks 19-24 []
  • C1.History Statement Copywork [suzannemosley]
  • C1Wk1-24 History Sentence Cards [StephAhrens]
  • Wk 1-24 History Coloring Pages []
  • C1 History Trifold Board W1-12 [keppel] 
  • C1 History Trifold Board W13-24 [keppel]
  • C1-W3-Greek-Roman-gods-Abecedarian [Ekvcharvey]
  • 7 Wonders of the Ancient World Presentation [civwar]
  • Greek and Roman Gods Tri-Fold [nikkismith]

  • Math4th_wk01-24_MiniOffice [KnoxFamily]
  • Notebook Link Cycle 1 Weeks 1-24 [sheriellis] under dropbox as "Notebook English Week 1-24" 
  •  Notebook Link Cycle 1 Weeks 1-24 [sheriellis] under dropbox as "Notebook Latin Abecedarians Apprentices Week 1-24"
  • Notebook Link Cycle 1 Weeks 1-24 [sheriellis] under dropbox as "Notebook Science Abecedarians Apprentices Week 1-24"
  • C1 English Trifold Board [keppel]
  • Exodus 20 1-17 for Tri-fold board [jennedwards]
  • Cycle 1 Bible Exodus 20 [brandyferrell]
  • C1 Africa color 24x36 [emorrisx]
  • C1 Africa blackline master 24x36 [emorrisx]
  • C1 8.5x11 unlabeled blackline maps [TierneyTribe]
  • Cycle 1 ALL 24 Weeks GEO 8.5x11 [?]
  • Hebrew Empire- Large [sabatini]
  • latin noun cases C1Wk1 [Brandi515]
  • C1 Latin Trifold Board
  • C1 Latin 1st Dec Cues [rafikipaka]
  • 1st Declension flashcards [TammyOostdyk]
  • C1 W3.4 1st Decl Latin Noun Ending Cards [bugsotter]
  • 2nd Declension Flashcards [TammyOostdyk]
  • latin 3rd declension flashcards [TammyOostdyk]
  • latin-4th-declension flashcards  [TammyOostdyk]
  • latin-5th declension flashcards  [TammyOostdyk]
  • C1 Science Trifold Board W1-12 [keppel]
  • C1 Science Trifold Board W13-24 [keppel]
  • Cycle_1_Science_wk_1-4 [barbarakaufmann]
  • CC_C1-W1_Class_LivingThings [meljohnson]
  • 5 Kingdoms Mnemonic [AngieFerrell]
  • Major Groups of Invertebrates Flashcards1 [melodystroud]
  • CC Cycle 1 Fine Arts [annettelam] *difficult to find* only fill in categories for "fine arts" and "annettelam" leave search and other categories blank

Saturday, August 1, 2015

5 Things I've Learned Blogging for 5 Years

In 5 years...

612 posts

Can you tell when I started homeschooling? aka #timeforwritingkiller

I tried to write every day during the fall of 2010, and through out the year in 2011, and in the summer and spring of 2012 before I officially started homeschooling. Obviously, it was either sleep or blog.

At first I chose blog, but then I felt a slight tinge of regret after being a cranky, overly tired teacher. I cut back to writing once a month, I missed it a lot, but wanted my family to always be first.

I kept the name "Curious Georgi" for almost 4 years, but finally bit the bullet and changed it to "Candra Georgi" as many bloggers and writers I know have gone from a cutesy name blog title to a blog title that has their name.

Ironically, [I am going to go out on an apple tree limb here and assume it has to do with the title I picked], my post Apple Bottom Genes had over 169,521 views! I'm going to assume "a few" from spam. Half a dozen other posts I have written each had tens of thousands of views each, those were mostly my Pinteresty My Father's World Kindergarten craft posts like M is for Moon & one post about how I met my husband

Probably the neatest thing that came out of writing, was I re-discovered a love for photography and out of that started a photography business! Who would have thought? Taking pictures for the blog each day, great my desire to improve my skills and one thing led to another and now I have a legit part time business. I love it. 

5 Things I've Learned Blogging In Five Years

1. Write What You Don't Want To
It's easy to blog about your accomplishments, but I've found that people have most respected and been ministered to when I write the raw, real, uncut truth. The things it's hard to write about because there is some potential judgement to be followed. However, I have found, it's less "how could you" and more "I'm right there with you".

2. Homeschool Daily or Blog Daily
You can not write a blog post everyday, or apparently even every week [and takes a short miracle to even every month] once you start homeschooling, unless you want to trade your sleep. I know this isn't true for everyone, it just so happen to be true for me. I take serious the responsibility to educate my kids, and it can't come second to anything. I love to write, but my time is limited these days, and so I do what I can, but my people come first, before you people. I say that in the nicest way possible.

3. Appearances Aren't Everything 
People will learn to see past your papyrus font, non-DSLR photos, grammar and lack of spelling skills if you are slightly funny and occasionally say something meaningful. Thank God!

4. Your Family Really Does Matter More
I mean, I love to minister to women, but my first ministry is to my family. First my husband, and then my kiddos. I will not have to give an account to God for all the women in cyber space I did not do a good job discipling, but I will have to give an account to the little disciples He gave me. It has been a struggle at times, but I am happy to report, I come back to this--- my family gets the first and best parts of my time, period.

5. Don't Reinvent The Wheel
If someone out there in cyber space has already done it, don't try to do it again. Find a new nitch, find a new corner, find something new to say. I could have blogged about all our homeschool weeks all these years, but you know there is already plenty of My Father's World or Classical Conversation blogs out there, but there isn't someone just like me out there sharing their heart... because I am the only me. Be you, write you, share you.

Friday, July 31, 2015

The Hardest Part Of Parenting For Me

Have you ever had the carousel operator at the zoo stop the entire ride just because your child was not sitting on the carousel properly?

Well now I have.

Actually, even though I warned all three of my boys, all three of them were not properly riding on the ride while I was a few animals away holding my 2 year old daughter on one. For the love! I mean, what is he doing? Yoga meditation? Nothing about this brings mommy Zen, nothing.

The hardest part of parenting for me is not getting my idendity wrapped up in my kids behavior.

Hands down.

I don't mind the laundry, or the dishes, or the potty training or the hot days at the park as much as I mind the [extreme exaggeration coming up prepare yourself] constant embarrassment children bring. If it wasn't enough to have one kid peeing in the bushes, or one kid standing on top of your car, or one kid running circles around you in a store--- I thought it was a good idea to have four.

And I want more.

Because I think I have a subconscious desire to be the most humbled person on the planet.

I didn't say humble. I said humbled.

Don't get me wrong, I love those four like no other. But the way they act sometimes makes me feel like everything I have done has been for nothing. All the talks, all the discipline, all the restrictions, all the scripture, all the heart-to-hearts, all the TIME!

I told a friend today, I feel like I spent hours mixing, baking, icing, and decorating a cake to have someone trip me and I slip and fall and watch it crash in front of everyone at the party. When I've spent all week teaching and training you first time obedience, and given you consequences I wish you didn't make me, and I've spent all the time talking to you about your heart and then as soon as the words leave my mouth---

"ride on the ride correctly"

your first thought is to stand on the animal, or not hold onto the animal, or jump on and off the animal

I honestly want to go get your ears checked.

But really--- It's my heart that needs the checking.

You are kids.

I'm not making excuses for you, or your sin, but two wrongs don't make a right.

When my first words aren't "You disobeyed mommy and therefore disobeyed God"

but they are "You have humiliated me, you have embarrassed me"

I know my heart needs just as much grace and change as yours.

You are kids.

You are flesh in the flesh.

Sure you've been introduced to Jesus, or may even know him, but boy are you on the starting line of letting your life be step by step directed by him.

I want you to be perfect and flawless and most of all make me look good.

I want all my hard work TO SHOW.

Because this is a performance right?

I need to remember in this moment, this is what kids do, they fail, and they need a trainer. They need someone who can love, direct and yes discipline them. What they don't need is me being shamed by how it made me look to others.

I had two friends there today and I wanted to crawl in a hole. Why does it always feel like when your kid messes up, they are the only ones who ever have? Why do you feel like the only mother whose kids aren't always behaving? Why do you feel like the other mother failure?

The only thing I've failed at is birthing perfect kids. And so has every other mother in the world.

Let our identity be in who God calls us, not in our kids performance.


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How To Travel With Kids Alone

2378 miles.

15 hours there.

12 hours back.

9 days.

5 kids.

1 mommy.

Earlier this month I traveled from the suburbs of Atlanta to College Station, TX to see my youngest [half] sister graduation from high school with my four kids in tow [8,7,5,2]. My husband had to stay back and finish up a project so I brought a rent-a-helper,Noah, my fourteen year old brother. He didn't really charge me. As the saying goes---you get what you pay for. [just kidding]

Our trip landed us at College Station, Horseshoe Bay Resort, Montgomery, and Dallas.

We saw lots of family and friends and really enjoyed our time---mostly swimming!

Without further ado---

10 Tips For Moms Traveling Long Distances Alone With Kiddos Sans Husband

1. leave early in the morning 
[avoids traffic, daylight safer to drive in alone, drive feels shorter because you arrive when its still daylight, easier to stay awake]

2. after you gps your destination gps nearest starbucks along the way
[triple shot it up baby!]

3. snacks, snacks, snacks
[if the kids whine, complain, cry, ask how much longer, or seem bored---throw them a bag of chips]

4. use a bluetooth headset or one ear bud
[allows you to listen to Jim Gaffigans comedy albums in one ear while still safely driving with one ear to hear sirens or your kids monstrously loud animated movie with the other]

5. bathroom stops---everyone goes even if "i don't have to go"
[less stops happen if you only serve water during the drive and keep in mind the goal is less than a 15 minute stop---don't forget bring Lysol wipes for the toddler who likes to wipe her entire business all over the potty upon mounting herself on the toilet following her demand to completely disrobe including her shoes to do so]

6. electronic devices are not necessary, but in my experience help
[iPads or dvd players are great and don't forget long power cords to charge in car and headphones ]

7. Redbox movies
[you can rent a movie from any red box along your journey and return it in any other city or state, my kids seemed to like "new" movies---that $1 sure kept them quiet!

8. pack light
[nothing makes it easier for getting in and out of the car and in and out of bags especially if you stop at multiple locations like we did if you have very little to load and or move around--- like your big box fan which is obviously essential]

9. pick your battles
[you are alone. where normally you might be all strict-parent-boot-camp on your kids so they grow up to be pleasant human beings---don't be afraid to offer them ice cream every single night if they promise to not make you cry---you can undo all this after only a few short painful weeks when you get home #speakingfromexperience]

10. prepare your heart
[that you and the kids may or may not sleep super well at other peoples places, that you might not get to relax really under that beach umbrella you can't wait to take a selfie under, or that you will look like a model parent at the pool as your children "make friends" by water gunning other adult guests in the face]

People kept telling me how brave I was to do this trip alone. Really, I was so blessed to have my sister [who lives in TX] and brother help me so much along the way I could not have done it without them and lots of very gracious and accommodating family members. We swam everyday, looked for local parks, and did pretty much anything thing I could think of to keep the kids from being wound up in the hotels. At the end of the day, it was either a little bit of crazy and excitement in TX, or just a lot of crazy and boredom back in Georgia.

I picked the one with the beach umbrellas!

I'm sure there are more things I would add to my list like: don't bring a newborn who would need to nurse and or scream a lot [got lucky this year!], or don't be pregnant that requires too many bathroom stops [also missed that boat this year but have sailed it enough to let you know it's okay to miss it this time around], don't bring a book, you won't have time to read it, make sure to sign up for AAA if you still don't know how to change a tire, bring a small trash that can double as a "incase someone vomits" or also please aim your trash near this [because inside of it would apparently be asking too much of you].

I promise you, if I can do it, you can do it.

I hope I've encouraged some crazy in you.

May Jesus be with you, He's a little less busy now that I'm back from this trip.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This Is My Holy

I remember the exact weekend I realized the Lord leading me to marry my now husband. I called my mom on the phone and said, “But how can I marry him? I think he wants lots of kids and wants to homeschool them! I’m called to travel and preach on stages!”

Since I was little I had seen visions of myself preaching on stages to thousands of people and now I was facing motherhood? I was finishing up my college degree at the time and had an incredible job at one of the world’s most famous Christian organizations. I was going places…but not with kids.

It took one movie to change my life. The Passion Of The Christ. No, I’m kidding, it was actually Cheaper By The Dozen. I saw that hot mess of a house and dirty kids running around and somehow---somehow---was in love with the idea. God had changed my heart. He showed me stages aren’t the only places the Gospel is preached.

I grew up thinking if you love Jesus with all your heart you travel and preach the Gospel on stages. You hold gatherings, not babies. Fast forward almost 10 years of marriage and four kids later and I'm not on a stage: I'm IN one.

In this stage I see the Gospel preached day in and day out. Let's face it, my two year old? She is NOT saved! My daily life gives me plenty of opportunities to preach Jesus to people--- specifically four little people… Nation, Solomon, Moses, and Heaven.

I’ve heard the call to being a stay at home mom. I’ve heard the call to homeschool my kids. Not because being a homeschool mom is a higher calling than a mom in the workplace or a mom on a stage, but because it was the call on my life.

I’m so glad I answered it.

Has it been tough? Yes. Impossible at times? Yes.

But has it been overwhelmingly beautiful as well? Absolutely.

I think one day we will still travel, and I think one day there may still be literal stages, but I want to live fully in the stage of today. I want to be completely content and joyfully present today. I know that the changing of diapers is just as spiritual and valuable to the Lord as the changing of medical dressings in a hospital and just as valuable as helping change a stranger's path from eternal death to enteral life by preaching the Gospel with words.

Someone has to do it. Someone has to answer to the call to love, comfort, and teach the next generation--- to the next evangelist or missionary or… mommy. After all, maybe the stages that will be preached on won’t be preached on by me, but rather by part of me--- my little disciples. I can imagine their voices echoing in a stadium.  

All the work we dedicate to the Lord is holy. Motherhood is holy. Staying at home is holy. Working outside the home is holy. Wherever God calls and we obey becomes holy.

I have had to put aside daydreams of where I would be now if I were still working for that organization while in college. I have had to give up a lot to be fully present in this season, but I believe I will reap a holy harvest. I know that my sacrifices (even if overlooked at times by my husband, or society, or my friends and family) are never overlooked by the Lord.

I have a lot of gifts and talents that may seem to have been better used outside the home, but for now, in the Lord's eyes, those talents are being used exactly as He planned. God has called me to use them in the home, and I am happy to do so.

Because He’s worthy.

So, be all in at whatever stage you're in. If he’s called you to be a stay at home mom… be there. If he’s called you to homeschool… be there. Be where He is. Be a missionary to your little disciples.  You don’t need an Instagram full of people hashtagging your preaching at conferences to prove you’ve served God well--- an Instagram full of playgrounds and math books will do… for now!

Show me your holy this week on IG #thisismyholy

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

That Time The Mother Duck And I Understood Each Other

Recently I took my kids to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens [because I love field trips for the obvious reason---keeping my house clean an entire day while we are out of it]. The day was beautiful, the kids were surprisingly well behaved--- no one fell into water, damaged any plants and we only lost a few kids a few times. I got 5 of us in for the price of one, and brought a lunch so naturally I'll relay this trip to my husband as [practically] free. Ha.

At the end of the day, we were by a pond when a mother was on a little island in the middle of it with her nearly dozen ducklings when just like a scene out of a cartoon a duckling fell clumsily into the water.

I swear I saw her eyes roll.

I am not a duck, but in that moment, I wish I spoke duck, because I wanted her to know "oh girl, I get you, I get your life".

I am sure she felt just like me when one child has to suddenly go potty and we must pull over and all 5 of us un-seat belt----relocate our shoes and all go into the germ infested tight space where inevitably someone will comment about how large my bottom is.

So back to the duck.

She couldn't go rescue the one duckling and risk the others hurting themselves in the mean time so she "unloaded" all ducklings into the water, they followed her and then she redirected them all back onto the island once "that child" was rescued.

[We all have that child]

Just at that moment I caught his image of her.

Tell me she isn't saying to me with her eyes "I mean...really?"

Mama Duck, we live in the same mama world, with the slight difference that I do not poop outside nor isn't it socially acceptable for me to be naked and braless in public, other than that.

Mama Duck, I get your life.


Friday, March 13, 2015

I Never Knew, I Just Never Knew

I never knew how much I would adore you.

Daughter---you are everything I never even dreamed of.


...use a higher, sweeter, teenier voice when you are trying to persuade me

...prefer pink and "pee-pull" [purple] to all other colors

...layer yourself in dresses and skirts and always place a crown in sight upon your head

...bat your eyes and twirl around when I tell you how beautiful you are babies like your mother

I always wanted children, and sure one day... someone I could buy pink for... but I wasn't prepared for the days to turn into months and then into years... of me still in sheer awe of the loveliness of having a daughter.

No one prepared me for the innocent beauty of a first little girl.

I cherish you so, and by the grace of God will always protect and nurture all of your beauty.


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