Monday, August 10, 2015

Week One of School with Erin: Podcast Episode 1

I had this grand idea, that I would attempt a podcast station. By podcast station, I mean, I have totally not figured this out yet, so you will have to...

CLICK HERE listen.

I promise to improve the quality of the audio and accessibility in the future podcasts.

For now, if you are super fancy, you can pull this up on your phone and listen to through your ear buds while you wash the dishes or on speaker phone while you fold laundry. I don't recommend trying to listen to this with your car bluetooth with your children present because they may come to realize how unprepared we really are as homeschool moms, I mean, educators.

This week I interview a dear friend of mine, Erin, who is a homeschool mom of 4 handsome boys aged 11 to 1. Please enjoy our uncut, unedited, un-technical and unprepared conversation. We cover everything from our first week highs and lows, to chores for kids, vomit, curriculums, how to school with a baby or toddler [or lack there of], and more.

If nothing else you will walk away feeling more normal, less crazy, and think you're a better mom than both of us. For real though, I hope you are encouraged, learn something, laugh, and realize it's okay to order non-organic pizza on Friday nights.

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