Friday, October 9, 2015

Why Homeschool Moms are Better...

...Or how they're not.

I've been homeschooling for 5 years. In that time I've had my opportunities to think I'm better than moms who don't homeschool.

The truth is, I'm not though.

As mothers, we are all given this ridiculously sacred task of caring for and discipling persons. Persons who could go on to make this world a better place and lift high the name of Jesus. Or persons who could wonder out of our homes messed up and broken searching for years to find a way back to a safe place in their heart.

I've learned the moms who stay home and the moms who work and the moms who homeschool and the moms who don't all have this same sacred responsibility.

And they know it.

I trust that they have heard the call to care for and disciple their little ones and take their responsibility serious. I trust they have prayed and sought the Lord and heard the most ideal way for them to carry out their responsibility the way they are choosing to do it.

Not the easiest way, or the most convenient way or the way their friend does it.

The way God has uniquely called their family.

I'm finding no matter the type of mom I talk to, we are all sharing in the same tears, fears, struggles, and battles. No matter how long you have your two year old with you a week, they are still two! [I pray they are more terrific than terrible!] And no matter how long you have your thirteen year old with you a week, they are still a teenager! #Jesustakethewheel [so I hear!]

We have to start humbling ourselves and cheering each other on. This isn't a competition or a race.

I don't get to take any more credit for my child's successes later in life than I do get to take responsibility for their poor choices. At the end of the day--- they will go out and make they own decisions. I labor in rest to provide an environment for them to grow up safe, loved, known, and educated. I know you're doing this same thing for your children even if it looks different than me.

I'm not more patient or Godly than you, this is the way I feel I can best accomplish this goal is to homeschool my kids. For you, I can't say, you really have to hear the Lord on this one. It's not a pair of jeans or a style of curtains I can convince you not to buy. You're the one who has to wear this decision, you're the one who has to stare at those curtains for the next 18 years.

Chose wisely.

Whatever your choice.

I cheer you on and I pray for you. 

Because I know, this mothering thing is hard enough, the last thing you need is something treating you like they are better than you. We are all leaning into Jesus like we are trying to hold up a wall. We are all in this beautifully difficult calling of motherhood. We are all doing what we think is best for our kids.

And that makes us the best to the Lord.

He doesn't think homeschoolings is the best, He thinks obedience to His calling on your family is the best.

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