Saturday, April 30, 2011

Scripture & Snapshot 24

Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God. 
-Psalm 90:2

To here more about our Grand Canyon Story, click here

Friday, April 29, 2011

If I Could, I Would...

If I could, I the world.

I'd take my family, my camera, and preferably a nanny. I'd go to each continent, and prayerfully nearly every country. I'd eat, sleep, and photography every culture. Seeing all what and who God created. I'd spread His name with my mouth and with my hands. Teaching my children to live beyond the "American Dream". Giving them the experience of a lifetime praying it benefit them for a lifetime as well.

I'd write about it.

I wouldn't worry about how much it cost, or be afraid it would be too hard [without help!]. I'd just GO. Nothing holding us back. I'd teach my kids about the world, by showing them. They would have the most adventurous colorful, childhood...ever.

If I could, I would...GO.

[Writing this makes me wonder, what is really to stop us]

What about you? If you could...what would you do?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday Top Ten 39

Thankful This Week For:

1. A double stroller. I left you in storage for the last 4 months because...I'm crazy.

2. A walk. I'd found a million things to clean, fold, finish before taking time for me. No more.

3. Hulu. Charles has been working long hours so I've been catching up nonsense shows I missed last Fall. I almost facebooked one of the characters today to tell them something I saw until I remembered...they were fictional.

4. A few naps. For whatever reason [maybe all the running them around I've been doing] all three kids have been napping at the same time all week and I've taken a few naps with them.

5. Safety. We're so blessed we weren't affected by the storms. Prayers for those who were. He's near to those suffering.

6. A husband who works hard. He wears a lot of hats, but keeps his head on straight.

7. My boys. This week has been an extra reminder how cute it is to be surrounded by dirt, bugs, tools, balls, "projects", and wrestling. It's fun to be a mom of boys.

8.The end in sight. For many things in my life right now, but one specifically...potty training. Solomon has had several successful days. He still never tells me, but I guess I should say, I'm doing good at training myself to take him to the bathroom regularly. 

9. Taxes. Although I loathe cutting the big checks to the state & federal governments, I do enjoy their benefits of safety, recreation [parks & libraries], and transportation [roads].

10. Angels. I have to periodically give them a shout out. We've had some blood and bumps this week, but no ER visits. As the weather warms up my boys have the angels working overtime out back and at the parks.

What are you thankful for this week? Link up below.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weight Watcher Wednesday 12


Up .8. That makes my 2nd week out of twelve that where I'm up. Sad day. I guess all in all I'm only up 2.6 lbs. Making me only down a little over 12. I attribute this to inconsistent tracking and stress. Charles has been working long hours and this whole house limbo dealo has been having me reach for extra food when I'm not hungry. 

I got a sitter this morning---went to a weight watcher meeting---and went for a 40 minute walk. It felt really good. I'm going to track better again, and work out a few days this week. I'm going to make myself photo post my 7 daily trackings next Wednesday...hoping to motivate myself to-actually-track!

At this meeting this morning we talked about how getting bored with meals leads to overeating. When we get in a rut of eating the same thing for breakfast, the same thing for lunch, the same snacks and the same dinner---you start reaching out for too many extras to "spice it up". They suggested we try one new of every meal and snack this week. Something different and something healthy.

Anyone have some meal or snack suggestions for me? 
Easy and yummy only.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm "That" Mom

Sometimes when Charles has to works a lot and I gotta "man the ship" I try to come up with entertaining outing for the kids and I. I'm not going to lie, it's for more than just their's for 1] my sanity 2] attempt to keep my house clean. Especially right now with 1000 sq ft house in boxes, my backyard covered in poison ivy and mosquitos [both just treated]...our walls can easily start closing in on the three rambunctious boys.

Sunday afternoon I took the kids to the zoo because...well it was just about all that was open on Easter. They were so excited, and we had a great 5 hours there. I'm also proud to say Solomon kept a dry pull-up all day!

Monday & Tuesday we hung around the house, but only in the front yard as the backyard was recovering from being treated for poison ivy and mosquitos like I said above. I debated if letting Nation play with a hammer and nails was safe or not, but I guess...

I'm "that" mom.

I think under supervision it was fine, he is such a builder.

[Ignore me asking him to hammer a hammer.]

Today we had a impromptu playdate at the East Cobb Park, in which during those 2.5 hrs they managed to:

--[Solomon] fall 10 feet [bit tongue, hurt back, and bump on head] #angels
--[Solomon] pee on slide
--[Nation] "accidentally" fall into the water near the marry-go-round
-- [Moses] get sunburned *overcast burns mom, remember?*
--[Older two] pee in grass
--[Older two] ride home naked

I let all this happen because I'm "that" mom.

As you can see from those 21 seconds, my Nation is quite the actor. Don't know where he gets that from?

After naps, we went to the Marietta Square to play on the train and experiment with our Crayola colored bubbles [why Crayola why?]

I let them get messy because they're going to bath later anyways, and because I'm "that" mom.

We'd been there all of two minutes when Nation fell into the fountain and got completely soaked. Then we enjoyed hours of stairs as people wondered why my kids were covered in paint. [Again, why Crayola, why?]

We finished up the evening spotting our babysitter who dances at a studio on the square. Then we ate ice cream [again this week] because I'm "that" mom.

No matter what you do this week---don't be afraid to let your kids be kids and ignore the stares of those who don't.

Feel free to be... "that" mom.

Monday, April 25, 2011

How To Photograph A Newborn [or what I did]

Fletcher Devin Collier
April 17th 2011
6.15 lb  18.5 in

5 days later...

If anything motivated me to keep on keeping on with Weight Watchers so I can hop back on that baby was this. Holding 7 pounds of pure innocence. Plus, it's nice to do that when it doesn't want you to nurse it, and it doesn't keep you up all night. 

Photographing a friends baby is kind of like being a grandma.

All the bliss without the burn.

Thank you google images for infant position ideas  when I typed in "newborn photography", as this was my first "newborn session". Unless you count my own children who I randomly or lack-there-of-all-together photograph those first 12 weeks [or whenever I start putting real clothes on again and change out of permanent pjs].

Five naked shots to take of a newborn:

1. Curled up on flat surface
2. Hanging on dads arm
3. In a basket [shot from above]
4. Hands & feet
5. With mom & dad

Shots not to take:

1. Anything that evolves the mother or father [or worse, both] topless...nudity is only for the infant people [google images clearly has a different take on this]

Bonus if their home has fun curtains, which made an excellent impromptu background.

Which brings me to my next point---use a window for natural light and clear a space below. We just moved a desk and let the light pour in on the carpet & couch below. 

Again, opportunity for bonus points here, [see above] if you can catch the infant in the act of urinating. More funny if it's a spray in the face, less fun if it's #2, and or a female infant. Sorry girls, this is one that the boys just get more laughs out of.

This was my first session and it took about 3 hours, but we were in no rush. I took about 200 photos and edited them down to around half that and posted about a sixth of that. 

Didn't spend too much time in editing, the light was just really gorgeous as is.

Working with a nursing baby [I say this with only one session under my belt, ha] can be time consuming because you best shots most likely will come from a sleeping newborn. And although newborns do love to sleep, they also love to nurse and be swaddled...not naked and being placed in laundry baskets.

All in all it was lovely experience. I now fully appreciate those who photography newborns professionally [which I have no intention of doing.]. 

I think my most favorite shots weren't the posed ones, they were the ones of the mother and father just genuinely doting on their little one. So if and when you decide to photograph a newborn...just know, that you can still get great shots...if you have a little natural light coming in.

Adorable knits from Etsy, props, and having more than an half hour to prepare are no required. Although recommended. [Ha!]

And don't forget, you'll probably get soiled a few times an hour. Bring a change of clothes and some Resolve for their carpets and upholstery. I'm teasing sort of.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Scripture & Snapshot 23

Found a dried apple peel while cleaning up today. Thought it looked to be a bit in the shape of a heart. Is it just me? Either way, it got me thinking about spiritual fruit/death/resurrection...all centering from and pointing towards LOVE.

Hence the heart.

Couldn't figure out which scripture I liked best so I put them both.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Three Eggs -Hunt-

Pretty much for every holiday to date, we've chosen our front porch steps for kid photos verses in front of the fireplace/mantle...that may have something to do with the fact that we don't have one. Or that, only until recently, did I have an external flash.

Inside photo=Yellow.

Nevertheless, the winner...

And the ones it took to get that shot... 
[note: Solomon's faces]
[note: Moses double ear infection lack of desire to take photos]
[note: Nation & Solomon doting on him regardless]

These were taken on our way out the door to our church Easter Egg Hunt. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday Top Ten 38

Photo Credit: Caty Collier [the fearless babysitter]

Thankful This Week For:

1. Seeing this [above pic] every time I step out making a mess and learning a ton
2. The freedom to access to the Bible
4. Lunch with my mentor at the most beautiful bistro ever
5. Friends and family who help me out with the kiddos [often last minute] when Charles works a lot
6. The [unexpected] exposure over at The Homeschool Post yesterday
7. Twenty minute power naps [even if I'm not sure I actually fell asleep]
8. A husband whose voice and words still give me butterflies
9. Grace and favor with strangers
10. Fans. They help keep my hot natured self cool and block out noise that helps us all sleep better

What are you thankful for this week?

Weight Watcher Wednesday 11


Yep, I definitely went up almost 2 pounds [1.8] instead of down from last weeks 190. I know everyone has set backs, and I'm not surprised by this weeks gain. 

A. it was my birthday week so I definitely cheated [a lot]
B. thought I was moving so was busy with last minute packing/moving details
C. found out I wasn't closing after 2.5 months of process and ate everything I saw

From here, I just want to go down...obviously. I'm feeling much better about our house situation and am going to try not to console myself with food this week. Prayerfully.

Drink more water.

I really need to start working out again. I love to work out. I love classes, I love walking, I love yoga and pilates [not so much running, but I can]. My biggest hurdle is making the time.

I'm a night owl and so getting to bed super early to wake up super early isn't really my [desire!] thing. Then once the kids wake up at 7:30 it's not stop I'm on my feet busy keeping everyone happy [and alive!] for 12+ hours. Yes, they take a resting time, but if I'm not taking care of something around the house, or spending time with Nation, I'm taking a few minute couch breather myself before the second half of my day rushes to me.

I feel like this would be a good time to pop in a workout dvd, but I can't imagine I'd have the energy for it. Maybe.

Arranging [or paying for!] sitters and or having to ask Charles to give up his time, our time, or our family time for me to go work out is just a hassle I wish was avoidable. I know it's not unless I'm willing to work out super early or super late or when I'm tired. By the time 8 pm comes around I'm so tired, and usually I'm not even about to sit down. I have some more chores, some cleaning up from dinner, bath, bed, etc.

Ideally, I'd love to go back to having a sitter on a schedule so I could leave and work out, but it was expensive and I didn't like being away from my kids that many hours. I don't like the gym daycare's because my kids seemed to always get sick. I might be willing to try them again, but not while we are still in the process of hopefully moving soon again.

I'd love to talk a walk with my best friend in the middle of every morning, but that's a fairytale right now with 8 kids under 8 between us. Do they make quad strollers? We could buy two. Just a thought.

Suggestions for squeezing in daily workouts
while watching 3 kids under 4?
[or equally difficult, ha]

What do you do?

What are you excuses?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Living In A Box

It's no secret around here [or if you follow me on facebook], that we've been in the process of moving for...well, forever.

We've lived in this 1000 square feet for almost 6 years now, and although we've traveled here and there, we've always come back and called this home. Two years ago we attempted to move, but unfortunate circumstances prevented that, but thankfully His redemption stepped in and...well, here we are again.

Trying to move.

We started looking in January, found a house and have been riding this closing train for 2.5 months. Yesterday we got word that even though our loan had been approved and our closing day had come and gone several times.

We were denied.

So, I did what any God-fearing-Christian wife and mother would do---I ate everything within an arms reach. [Why does Weight Watcher Wednesday have to fall on this Wednesday?]

I've decided for the sake of keeping all my friends, I'm not going to update any more statuses with words like: mortgage/loan/house hunting. So, just be praying for us and for God's will for our family. We trust that we are walking with Him and He's directing our steps.

Protecting us, and providing for us.

Through all this I have learned... [and don't mean to even pretend that really I've learned even .001 % what it's really like] ...what it must be like to WAIT.

Waiting like some of my friends are right now. 

Waiting for...

an [overdue] adoption to happen

a father to be well

for a baby [that was lost]

a school to accept their child

a husband

a redeemed marriage

a job

a baby to be born

It's easy when...I trip over boxes, move boxes to get to my closet [that...oh empty], stare at boxes, yell at kids to get off boxes, have to open sulk into a box. A box, where I think my loan, my mortgage, my new house [hoped for], my problems---are not only the biggest ones, but the only ones.

Then the upside down box, covered in my whinny writings, and eye holes I've carved comes off and I look around at all my friends and family and see their problems. Life or death kind of stuff. I'm sobered, thankful, and reminded that I'm so blessed. I'm so well taken care of. And it's SO going to be...okay.

Boxes really aren't that bad to live around---
just don't live under one.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oh yeah, I turned 27

Last Wednesday, I turned 27 and I made a list of the best 27 decisions I've made to date. Oh, and I got my nails painted a 7 year old would.

Then we went to dinner with two other couples from our small group at Chop's/ Lobster Bar in Atlanta. It's very fancy. It's that once-a-year-place we go out to...usually only when my dads in town and paying, ha!

Red wine and lobster [with ketchup, of course...again, like a 7 year old].

My bff got me beautiful flowers and a balloon. It's not a birthday without a balloon!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Buy This Not That -3 to 6 months- Edition

If you read my last post on my top five newborn essentials you know that I don't find anything below to be necessary, but in general, they can still all be very helpful. The key however is to know what you need and not overspend. Below I will show you 10 items, 5 I recommend and 5 you should avoid. For one reason or the other, but mostly to save you two things: money & space.

We've had three kids, sometimes on a shoe string budget, but always in 1000 square feet. If there's one thing I know it's how to have babies in small spaces.

$39 vs $179

For the same amount of mattress space for the baby---I enjoyed the savings and connivence all around. If a standir.gif is something you're interested in you can always purchase one alone with the basket.

A lot of the time a newborn baby [for those first few months] may sleep in bed with you, or in a pack in play next to you, or in it's crib. But, if you're like me, you prefer to keep that little one close to you all day. And what about for naps? Or traveling? I borrowed a bassinet with my first because I knew I could not afford one, nor store one after he or she had outgrown it. However, for the next baby I invested in an inexpensive Moses basketir.gif. I paid about $40, but I've since seen them for half that at consignment sales.

I preferred the Moses basket over the fancy expensive bassinet for three reasons: money savings, more space efficiency [during & after use], and easy to transport. I enjoyed being able to tote the baby around the house where I was or taking it over to friends houses.

$59 vs $149

Again, on my last post, I recommend a carseatir.gif that can snap in a snap and go stroller. I made the fatal [well okay, not fatal] mistake of purchasing a stroller that was $350. Looking back, I really wish I would have just bought this basic baseir.gif to transfer my carseat into the first year. All a stroller needs to do is push the baby and hold some junk. It's going to take a beating in the back of your van---no matter what. It's going to eventually break---no matter what. Might as well save your $100-300...especially if you ever planning on having another kid. You'll just wish you'd invested in a double strollerir.gif the first go around anyways!

If you're planning on buying a convertible carseatir.gif instead of an infant carseatir.gif, I suggest just buying an umbrella strollerir.gif. You can always lean back a baby that can't sit up yet. They are inexpensive [can be found from $20+] and in my experience hold up for years. SO easy to tote around too.

$16 vs $16


*Update: Bathtub above was recalled for serious danger to a few infants, I am currently looking around for another to suggest to you*

The savings here isn't financially related, although you can spend upwards of $60 if you buy fancy bath tubsir.gif or "spas" for the babiesir.gif [in my opinion this is going way too far]. The savings here is purely space related. First of all, my last child has probably never even been bathed in a baby bath tub. It's been just me holding him in the kitchen sink, but that's the third child for ya. 

But, if you do want a baby bathtub I suggest a mesh one that folds up. Again, space saving, because I certainly didn't have space to save a large plastic tub when they grew out of it and stared wanting to sit up in the tub. Also, the mess makes it easier to clean. Just rinse, or pull off and wash. You gotta scrub the big bulky plastic or inflatable ones.

$62 vs $118

Maybe one of the only good buying decisions I made as a first time mom was to buy one of those "new" travel swings verses a large stationary swing. Again, our tiny house had no corners left and there was no way something that big could fit---even if only for the few months babies actually use swings. The travel swing folds up and stores so easily, and offers all the same space and entertainment the larger one does at half the height...and cost. I've seen travel swings as low as $30 new, and less than that at consignment stores and sales.

Another reason I really like the travel swings is because they look and feel just like a bouncy seat. I don't really see the point of investing in a bouncy seat and travel swing. They essentially do the same objective: safely occupy your child so you can...shower. I suppose a bouncy seat vibrates, but I'm not sure a newborn would ever know better if you only introduced them to swinging.

I will say this though, I've been given several different types over the years and I have become a fan of those that have a mobile [or something to dangle above the baby]. Mobiles seems to have really entertained my kids better than nothing to look at. Bonus: if it has sounds and lights, although I've noted the lights seem to occupy more than the sounds.

$37 vs $25

Play Mat
During that 3-6 month period, depending on the child, he or she will start to desire to be on their back and belly and "play" with toys. They will gaze, reach, and roll over. They start to gain better eye and hand coordination and will enjoy getting mentally and physically "worn out" from playing with objects like those above.

I know it seems like the item on the right is the better deal, but I promise you for the extra $7 you're going to get a much better product. I've owned items similar to both and really enjoyed the play mats and play gyms that have the larger mats and criss crossed bars with hooks you can dangle toys from. They are very portable and easy to clean. You will really enjoy the larger space and again, like the swing, something for your child to look up at and not just roll off.

Play mats and gyms range from $40-70+. Do I dare say it again? Check your consignment stores first because although I have used this with every child---you don't use it for long. Soon, they will be sitting up and crawling around---getting into everything and having no need to stay in once place. If only...


I know we all love/hate different products,
I hope some of my suggestions were helpful

Please pass along to new moms in your life!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Solomon's [Home] Birth Story

Solomon turned 3 earlier this week [so like I did for his brother recently] I thought I'd share his [home] birth story---

Solomon Michael Georgi
April 14th, 2008

Charles, after losing 40 lbs in 40 days on a water only fast. Me, after gaining 40.

April 13th, was my birthday so we stayed late at my mom’s house and had the famous Costco chocolate cake that supposedly “threw” me into labor two years before with Nation. After being more than a week late I stopped trying to think “maybe it’s tomorrow.” So we came home, watched TV, got online---stayed up way too late : ) Hence why I only slept about an hour before going to bed after 1 a.m.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to wake up with mild contractions and I announced to Charles “I think I’m in labor (finally!!!)”. I let him sleep and decided to get up and clean and see if they went away or stayed. I proceeded to pay some bills, do three loads of laundry, dishes and clean up the house before calling my midwife to say, yes, they are still regular and about 3-5 minutes apart. 

We started making phone calls for people to come over, pick up Nation, fly in town, etc. I had intended on sending an email to say I’m in labor (there was a draft), but it never got sent---I honestly just was thinking “am I really in labor?” Yes, I was having contractions, but they were much milder than with Nation so I was nervous about announcing my false labor.

2:55 A.M.
When my midwife arrived I didn’t let her check me at first to see if I was dilated, but later felt more confident that I was probably in labor and wouldn’t be disappointed by her answer. 

5:45 A.M.
I believe this is around the time that Margaret checked me, and I was at 6 cm dilated. I couldn’t believe this because honestly up until this point things were still very easy, and I was doing a lot of walking around and talking and just not really feeling like I was doing the work of 6 cm. Getting to that point with Nation was a lot more intense work. So for the next hour and a half, I just concentrated on changing up labor positions around the house and really trying to find what brought the hardest contraction on. I'm all about getting in there and getting it done. No cheating. I want to meet this baby! I believe it was just a few hours later (maybe 1-3?) my midwife checked me again and I was at a 7. 

At this point I was still struggling because I really was wanting some stronger more productive contractions, but I felt nothing. Not only was I hardly having any, but I just felt bored. I didn’t want to rush things, I know that “stalls” can sometimes mean you need to work something out before progressing so I tried to patiently continue to do active labor movements without the real feelings of active labor driving them. Hours turned into more hours and things just weren’t going anywhere. 

3:00 P.M.
We tried everything and ended up trying some of Shonda Parker’s labor herbs to hopefully jump start contractions again, but with no results. It was nearing the late afternoon, and I was growing tired of all the squatting and laboring (with nothing resulting in contractions) and just really wanted to be awake for when I really did start feeling them. We made the decision at this point to let my midwife break my water because we all felt confident that this would most help the babies head put pressure on my cervix and not just on this bag of water.

My water broke very easily and even so it took about another hour before anything really started to feel like labor again. I took a shower.

4:00 PM
I think it was closest to this time when I had my first real contraction again. I remember being so happy and saying “yes, that was good” I knew we were moving again. It was a very hard one. For the next hour my transition contractions (7cm-10cm) were without break and very hard. Much harder than I remember with Nation and my response to them was as well. With Nation contractions were consistent for about 12 hours, with this child they were for a few hours in the morning (mild) and for about an hour in the evening (hard).

Last labor I was more of a "breather", this labor I was more of a "moaner". It just felt better. If I sat down on the edge of the bed they were not strong, but as soon as I stood up they were immense. So I would sit for a break, then stand up and lean over on Charles for every contraction. I kept thinking this is like when you are at the gym and you’re not in pain, but you are on number 8 of your set of 12 and you feel like “I’m done” but you look in the mirror and push it out to 12 and then drop your weights and think “I did it, I knew my body could”.

It was dark in the room, and I just clung to Charles and worked through them. He really helped me to remember to relax and feel confident I could do it. In my head I thought “I don’t want to”, but I never allowed myself to begin to talk like that.

Another bonus of this labor than last time was last time I threw up all day and couldn’t eat anything. This time I ate all day and only threw up right at the end.

Margaret using the Doppler on my belly to listen to heartbeat
My midwife checked me at some point and said I was at a 9, and a few minutes later I told her I was ready to push, and she checked me again and sure enough I was at a 10. This is where it got fun.

5:00 PM
Last labor I squatted for about half hour and then got up in the bed to push the baby out in about 15 minutes. It was slower, more controlled crowning and lots of pauses in between  pushes. This time was very different. I got up in the bed to push about 5:15 and did slowly grunt through some pushes for about 25 minutes. These were not that bad at all though, it actually felt really good compared to the previous contractions without the ability to push with them. I was feeling a lot of pressure in my lower back by this point.

Charles has two birth traditions 1: make bread 2: make fun of me in a photo or video
5:40 PM
I started to become really restless and went from pushing on all 4’s in the bed to the birth chair to squatting to standing all in about 3 minutes. I think everyone was having a hard time keeping up with me. By watching the video, I’m pretty sure no one expected me to have a baby as fast as I was about to either.

All I know is I was standing beside the bed and pushing when I announced I was having this baby and my midwife was trying to encourage me to take it slow and easy and that I wasn’t going to do it just yet. However, I hopped up in the bed turned around and my body took over. I had involuntary pushes coming forth. This was a first for me. I choose to sit up in the bed and give birth again, because it was familiar to me and seemed to work great last time.

Watching the video in a matter of about 2 minutes Solomon’s head peaked through, crowned, came out and then his whole body followed. Very different from the previous time with Nation where it all happened slowly and over the course of about a half-hour to an hour.

He came out with a question [hand raised] "Excuse me, where am I?"

5:54 PM
Solomon was born.

[He didn't stay the way.]

I believe one of my first comments  was asking Margaret if she thought he was small, like maybe 7 pounds. I thought he looked so small, but she laughed because she knew better. He was 9 lbs 2 ounces. 20.5 inches. 13 cm head.

I don't regret breaking the water, my only "regret" is that I didn't do it sooner. I think my Bradley classes had made me a little weary of doing it, but now I know it was the best for my situation. I could have had him without it, but it might have been the next day and I was already tired from missing one nights sleep.

My midwife later joked that next time she'd just follow me around with a stick and poke me sooner. For whatever reason I got to nearly transition very quickly and then had an all day stall, until we broke that water and he followed just a few hours later.

Nation [21 months] and Solomon [a little over 21 minutes old]


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