Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm "That" Mom

Sometimes when Charles has to works a lot and I gotta "man the ship" I try to come up with entertaining outing for the kids and I. I'm not going to lie, it's for more than just their satisfaction...it's for 1] my sanity 2] attempt to keep my house clean. Especially right now with 1000 sq ft house in boxes, my backyard covered in poison ivy and mosquitos [both just treated]...our walls can easily start closing in on the three rambunctious boys.

Sunday afternoon I took the kids to the zoo because...well it was just about all that was open on Easter. They were so excited, and we had a great 5 hours there. I'm also proud to say Solomon kept a dry pull-up all day!

Monday & Tuesday we hung around the house, but only in the front yard as the backyard was recovering from being treated for poison ivy and mosquitos like I said above. I debated if letting Nation play with a hammer and nails was safe or not, but I guess...

I'm "that" mom.

I think under supervision it was fine, he is such a builder.

[Ignore me asking him to hammer a hammer.]

Today we had a impromptu playdate at the East Cobb Park, in which during those 2.5 hrs they managed to:

--[Solomon] fall 10 feet [bit tongue, hurt back, and bump on head] #angels
--[Solomon] pee on slide
--[Nation] "accidentally" fall into the water near the marry-go-round
-- [Moses] get sunburned *overcast burns mom, remember?*
--[Older two] pee in grass
--[Older two] ride home naked

I let all this happen because I'm "that" mom.

As you can see from those 21 seconds, my Nation is quite the actor. Don't know where he gets that from?

After naps, we went to the Marietta Square to play on the train and experiment with our Crayola colored bubbles [why Crayola why?]

I let them get messy because they're going to bath later anyways, and because I'm "that" mom.

We'd been there all of two minutes when Nation fell into the fountain and got completely soaked. Then we enjoyed hours of stairs as people wondered why my kids were covered in paint. [Again, why Crayola, why?]

We finished up the evening spotting our babysitter who dances at a studio on the square. Then we ate ice cream [again this week] because I'm "that" mom.

No matter what you do this week---don't be afraid to let your kids be kids and ignore the stares of those who don't.

Feel free to be... "that" mom.


  1. I myself love being 'that' mom. :)

  2. Love it!!! :) I like their focus with the nails! And the crayola bubbles NEVER look that messy on the commercials! :D

  3. I loved witnessing the Merrii go round - wet and wild fun!

    I will be That Mom Too! Who decided that kids can't get totally dirty when playing? Hello - play clothes.

    My brother-in-law used to do fishing charters in Florida. His son had his own tackle box with fish hooks between 4 or 5. I thought he was nuts, but if you teach kids how to handle things properly and use common sense, kids will be fine. I think they can do much more than we allow them at times.

  4. Love, love, love it! Your boys are cuties and it's always nice to know we mamas are in this madness together! And the bubble/paint stuff? Maybe I need to look into that :)

    Have a great weekend!




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