Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday Top Ten 39

Thankful This Week For:

1. A double stroller. I left you in storage for the last 4 months because...I'm crazy.

2. A walk. I'd found a million things to clean, fold, finish before taking time for me. No more.

3. Hulu. Charles has been working long hours so I've been catching up nonsense shows I missed last Fall. I almost facebooked one of the characters today to tell them something I saw until I remembered...they were fictional.

4. A few naps. For whatever reason [maybe all the running them around I've been doing] all three kids have been napping at the same time all week and I've taken a few naps with them.

5. Safety. We're so blessed we weren't affected by the storms. Prayers for those who were. He's near to those suffering.

6. A husband who works hard. He wears a lot of hats, but keeps his head on straight.

7. My boys. This week has been an extra reminder how cute it is to be surrounded by dirt, bugs, tools, balls, "projects", and wrestling. It's fun to be a mom of boys.

8.The end in sight. For many things in my life right now, but one specifically...potty training. Solomon has had several successful days. He still never tells me, but I guess I should say, I'm doing good at training myself to take him to the bathroom regularly. 

9. Taxes. Although I loathe cutting the big checks to the state & federal governments, I do enjoy their benefits of safety, recreation [parks & libraries], and transportation [roads].

10. Angels. I have to periodically give them a shout out. We've had some blood and bumps this week, but no ER visits. As the weather warms up my boys have the angels working overtime out back and at the parks.

What are you thankful for this week? Link up below.

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  1. i have been taking naps with my boys this week too! hehe! :)



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