Thursday, April 21, 2011

Weight Watcher Wednesday 11


Yep, I definitely went up almost 2 pounds [1.8] instead of down from last weeks 190. I know everyone has set backs, and I'm not surprised by this weeks gain. 

A. it was my birthday week so I definitely cheated [a lot]
B. thought I was moving so was busy with last minute packing/moving details
C. found out I wasn't closing after 2.5 months of process and ate everything I saw

From here, I just want to go down...obviously. I'm feeling much better about our house situation and am going to try not to console myself with food this week. Prayerfully.

Drink more water.

I really need to start working out again. I love to work out. I love classes, I love walking, I love yoga and pilates [not so much running, but I can]. My biggest hurdle is making the time.

I'm a night owl and so getting to bed super early to wake up super early isn't really my [desire!] thing. Then once the kids wake up at 7:30 it's not stop I'm on my feet busy keeping everyone happy [and alive!] for 12+ hours. Yes, they take a resting time, but if I'm not taking care of something around the house, or spending time with Nation, I'm taking a few minute couch breather myself before the second half of my day rushes to me.

I feel like this would be a good time to pop in a workout dvd, but I can't imagine I'd have the energy for it. Maybe.

Arranging [or paying for!] sitters and or having to ask Charles to give up his time, our time, or our family time for me to go work out is just a hassle I wish was avoidable. I know it's not unless I'm willing to work out super early or super late or when I'm tired. By the time 8 pm comes around I'm so tired, and usually I'm not even about to sit down. I have some more chores, some cleaning up from dinner, bath, bed, etc.

Ideally, I'd love to go back to having a sitter on a schedule so I could leave and work out, but it was expensive and I didn't like being away from my kids that many hours. I don't like the gym daycare's because my kids seemed to always get sick. I might be willing to try them again, but not while we are still in the process of hopefully moving soon again.

I'd love to talk a walk with my best friend in the middle of every morning, but that's a fairytale right now with 8 kids under 8 between us. Do they make quad strollers? We could buy two. Just a thought.

Suggestions for squeezing in daily workouts
while watching 3 kids under 4?
[or equally difficult, ha]

What do you do?

What are you excuses?


  1. Do you like Jillian Michaels? I have her 30 Day Sheed. It is 30 minutes tops and it has 3 levels. It combines aerobics, strength, and abs. I did it before I got pregnant and it was killer! You can borrow the DVD to see if you like it. Maybe you can do it while the little ones take a nap?

    I have found that when I am tired and I work out, I actually have more energy than if I took a nap. Also, make sure you are eating enough protein and iron -'protein keeps blood sugar levels consistent and iron makes sure your cells are getting plenty of oxygen.

    Last thing - I think getting fit and healthy is a spiritual battle. The enemy likes nothing more than keeping you down and out by making your goals seem impossible to meet - that life is demanding too much from you and stressing you out. Pray that God will give you good ideas on how to incorporate working out into your day - something that will work for you and your family.

  2. Jenn, your last paragraph really speaks the truth. A truth I needed to be reminded of, as life has been really stressful this week and has me questioning many things.


    During my pregnancy I was doing Leslie Sansones 15 min power walk. I'd do it after each meal. It only took 15 min and would boost my energy tremendously. It also helped to rebalance my metabolism. I used the online version but I think you can order a DVD. I've seen her DVDs at Sams & Costco, too. I understand the
    challenge of having time & energy to excercise. I've been challenged getting back into working out.

    Nixing sugar and carbs while increasing protien and raw veggies will help your body shed weight. It will also help reduce candida overgrowth which can prevent us from losing weight. Take a high quality probiotic and Add fresh squeezed lemon juice to your water and raw apple cider vinegar to your salads to help your body gently detox.

  3. I have been doing the 30 Day Shred. It's tough and quick. And, I put it in with the kids all up & playing & usually they try to do it with me - which is really REALLY funny.

    You can do it!!!!



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