Monday, August 1, 2011

My Father's World Kindergarten

This was my first year [officially] homeschooling and I chose My Father's World curriculum after asking my friends & visiting a homeschool conference sale. I mainly chose this material because it takes a Charlotte Mason approach to learning [exploring outdoors, lots of reading, Godly character focus, emphasis on experience rather than textbooks, etc]. In the end, we really enjoyed it, learned a lot, and plan to use it for our other children.

To see a sample weeks lesson, My Father's World provides one here.

-It's inexpensive comparatively
-I find it very easy to navigate around the teacher's manual
-I like the unit study idea [taking a subject per week to mediate on]
-I like how it's adaptable to different age groups so I can involve my younger children
-Provides a great suggested reading list in the appendix
-It takes about 60-90 minutes per day [just right for the age I think]
-Incorporates crafts, science projects, and reading comprehension ideas/games
-Worksheets are useful & helpful [one or less a day]
-Comes with lots of materials to reinforce [like flashcards, games, etc]
-Always points back to Christ

-The math [for my child at least] was not quite as advanced as I had hoped [that was 1st edition, I hear they have improved it]
-Sometimes the lessons lacked enough craft ideas, but thank God for Pinterest to fill in those gaps
-The original version did not have a schedule, so I made one, but now there is one
-It's broken down into 26 lessons of 6 days, plus creation to attempt to reach the 180 days requirement, but I didn't like to study, for example, S is for Sun Monday-Monday, and then M is for Moon, Tuesday-Tuesday, etc, so I just cut out day 6 and divided the work by 5 days and so we just did one unit study per week Monday-Friday. If that makes sense. It ended up making us finish early too. Just added time to each of our 5 school days.

My favorite blogs I referred to during this time were:

MFW Official Forum [click here
Mama Jenn [great printables]

My additional post on some extra supplements & supplies I purchased to use this year.

Below is a weekly post of each unit. I tried to list the subject, character mediation, scriptures, books we read, crafts we referred to, and any other important information that might help you along your journey throughout it. I become pregnant half way through the year and was sick for several months...if you notice some weeks less exciting than others. I plan to add to these posts as we revisit these units with other children.

MFW Kindergarten ABC Unit Study

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  1. We are embarking on MFW K and homeschooling in the fall 2014 and this will be a HUGE help to me. THANK YOU!!!



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