Wednesday, October 5, 2011

N is for Nest

N is for Nest
God takes good care of me.

Psalm 17 & 91
2 Thessalonians 3:3

We [of course!] got our craft ideas from Pinterest

I went to Petco & Target and spent way too much money on three bird feeders---we had one hummingbird within an hour of setting it all up---not another one spotted in over a week :( I think the cold weather has moved the birds on south, but hey! we're ready for next year!

We read:

Are You My Mother? by Eastman [fictional, humorous]
Birds, Nests and Eggs by Boring [non-fiction, great!]
Whose Nest Is This? by Roemer [non-fiction, shows you different animals that who have nests]
Backyard Birds of Georgia by Fenimore [shows you top 25 birds in GA---great info and pictures]
Magic School Bus Flies From The Nest by Cole [fiction, it was okay]

For our field trip we went as a family to Kennesaw Mountain [where we learned that over 170 different types of birds have been spotted, making it the best place in the greater Atlanta area to spot birds!]. Although we did not see one single bird...we did see tons of nests, some down low, but most way way way up hight. We played a little points game for who could find the most nests---well---Charles won, but then Nation announced pinecones were worth 100 points each, so he carried several handfuls to the car and "won".

The two nests on the bottom left were given to us by a friend in our homeschool group, the one on the right---is actually on our front porch!

a nest at the Atlanta Zoo

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  1. I particularly love the craft with the 3 little birds in the nest.



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