Tuesday, August 30, 2011

S is for Sun

The last two weeks of [homeschool] Kindergarten were focused on Creation. The next 26 weeks are focused on one letter of the alphabet and a coordinating subject and scripture concept. This week:

S is for SUN
Jesus is the Light of the world

Genesis 1:14-19
John 8:12
Psalm 119:105

We've only done one day of S this week [as it is only Tuesday now and we haven't done school yet], but we had a lot of fun yesterday. Nation, all on his own, made a sun out of tinker toys for me. Love it. I've been leaving legos out on the table and Nation plays with them on and off all day making fabulous creations.

Later this week we will be painting a sun, making a grape/raisin chart, making a sundial, and doing an experiment with a globe/flashlight. Of course, followed by other school work...but those are the "fun" things!

I got a lot of my ideas from Pinterest, see my S is for Sun folder here

End of Week Update:

This week we added in a few science experiments, did our Cuisenaire Rods and adored our new Sun model & globe.

We also read 6 books about the sun:
1. Bear Shadow [Easier reader & cute story]
2. Wake Up Sun [Easier reader & cute story]
3. Sun Bread [Beautifully illustrated & our favorite fiction story]
4. The Sun of the Nearest Star [Our favorite informational with experiments]
5. What Makes Day & Night [Informational with great explanations & also experiments]
6. To Be Like The Sun [Least favorite of the books...about a sunflower seed growing]

[borrowed portion from a blogger friend, edited for us]

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  1. Hi! My name is Kattie and I am stopping by to let you know about the My Father's World Homeschool Highlights! It is a weekly link-up where those of us using MFW can link up, share, and support one another. I hope you can join us, the info is on my blog.


    PS Looks like you had a great week, love all the activities...and your kiddos are adorable!!

  2. I am starting MFW K with my kids in January. This is great. I love your posts. I'm now subscribed via email. Would you be able to share that chart (last photo) with me. It would be a great organizational tool to keep straight what to do which days.

    thegirlwhopaintedtrees at gmail dot com

  3. What do you put in the ziplock bag? My youngest daughter (of three) will be starting MFW Kindergarten in a few weeks. I always did colored salt on a paper plate for the older two for sensory letter practice, but I would like to try this idea.



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