Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Organic Part 2 -Road Blocks-

I took this picture in Ohio to show some of the common staple items we like to keep around the house.

If someone told you that the fruit you eat was covered in pesticides, the meat you bought was full of hormones and the snacks you eat were nutritionally empty... Why would you keep eating the same? I'm no expert, but I have three hunches...

But before you get your panties in a bunch...I'm preaching to the choir y'all...just know that although I try to feed our family very well in home---my meal planning skills are on the incline so a few times a week we do eat out and I can only assume it's not very natural or super healthy.

#1 The cost:
Problem: Comparing a regular product straight to an organic, yes it's much more expensive
Solution: I try to cut costs in some areas so we have more money to spend on healthier food. I rarely buy desserts, buy limited snacks, and try to force myself to make bake more [but it doesn't always happen]. Here is a practical savings example: Capri Suns are so convenient, but just a little bit of preparation can save you money and allow you to serve them organically. Kroger & Publix sell large store brand organic juices you can pour into sippy cups and leave in the fridge for "on the go" moments. If you add water to these you save even more money.

Eventually your kids will be reaching for apples instead of fruit snacks while feeling fuller and eating "less" [of that unfulfilling junk food]. The money you save on boxed cookies and packaged brownies will make up for your "over priced" organic milk. I promise. I'm not going to lie, it's a learning curve and it's quite possible you'll spend more money, but like I said, you can make changes to make up for it. Example: We don't buy as many boxed organic snacks on weeks we're tight so we can afford healthy fruit.

I know there are a lot of coupon moms out there [y'all are awesome with your deals!], but here is another turn off, not many organic products have coupons. There are some, but to me, it's not really worth the looking up, printing and remembering. I suggest going straight to their websites to see if they have coupons [as they don't usually have many in the paper].

#2 The Familiarly Of Taste
Problem: Your kids like that brand of yogurt full of M&M's and they love that colorful cereal laced in food dyes [that might be making them wild!]
Solution: Just stop buying it. Easier said than done, I know from experience. But, eventually they will get over it and without it around there is no temptation to serve it to them...or yourself! You'll spend less on junk, they will have less visits to the Dr., and their behavior will improve.

#3 Not Knowing Where To Start
Changing what you've been buying for years can be overwhelming, especially if you're trying to stay within your same budget. It may not happen all at once, so pace yourself. Don't stress, and don't feel guilty. You do what you can---life is way more than food. But, pray as ask the Lord what steps He would lead your family to take---ask for His grace & financial provision.

Tomorrow I will cover Where To Start...

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