Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A is for Apple

A is for Apple
If I stay in Jesus I will have much fruit.

Galatians 5:22-23
John 15:4-5

 As well as meditating on Psalm 17:8

For a field trip we visited a local apple orchard. 

Our loot...

What Nation did with his apples before we painted with them... [fyi: he's a bug]

Isn't it awesome that God took the time to make even apples so different?

We read several good books, but one of my favorite was Apple Fractions. So we cut several of them up to explain what fractions are. I have to admit, I'm better at accurately even dividing than odd dividing. As well as I found a wonderful print out online to explain the parts of an apple.

I get my craft ideas from Pinterest, you can see the other apple crafts we didn't get to [this time around!] here. Two we did: paper plate apple mosaic, and apple stamping.

The five books we read:

1. How to make an Apple Pie and See The World [fiction: traveling the world for pie ingredients]
2. How Do Apples Grow [I love these non-fiction short reads, great science in a nutshell]
3. Apple Fractions [explained above]
4. Johnny Appleseed [beautiful illustrations & wonderful tale of his non-fiction life]
5. A Tree is a Plant [great non-fiction explanations of the science behind from seed to apple]

Also, I purchased two games: Apples to Apples for 7+ and Newtons Apples. As well two DVD's: American Legends [about J. Appleseed] and Veggie Tales Larry Boy and the Bad Apple.


  1. Super! I like that. And what een great picture (Nathan, what he did with the apple) And ... I love the spiritual lesson: 'Isn't it awesome that God took the time to make even apples so different? It's awesome, yes!

  2. How fun!! My kids are too bigodoy these fun abc themes but we used to have fun with them. You should definitely link this up to my ABC's of Homeschooling meme that begins again on Oct. 11th! It will be A week! My site is moving and it will be at Join us! :)

  3. where did you find the fractions/parts printables?? thanks!



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