Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday Top Ten 61

Thankful This Week For...

1. A successful baby shower thrown for my bff, April [her first baby & my first shower thrown]
2. Grace to watch my kids alone from sun up till sun down this week
3. My "baby" turning 18 months
4. Getting to paint this weekend
5. Opportunity to practice & learn more on hearing God's voice for myself & others [prophetic training]
6. CanApril coffee time
7. A new 10 feet power cord for my iPad [If Nation had a list, this would be on it]
8. Having all the verses
9. Trader Joes snacks & frozen foods [what kiddos and I lived off this week]
10. Bedtime stories for kids via FaceTime with Charles


  1. ahhhhh I'm so thankful for my A-MAZ-ING shower, still pinching myself. It was so beautiful and I felt so loved and can't believe everything everyone did for Baby D before hes even here. He's a lucky little guy and my house now looks like a baby is on the way!! Thank you x a bajillion. love you

  2. this is adorable....seriously, seriously cute!



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