Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hillcrest Apple Orchards

Last week we studied A is for Apple, so over the weekend we went to a local apple orchard

We were able to not only pick, but also purchase several types of apples [and sample them!]

Don't let all the education fool you, we played hard too!

We also listened in on a talk given by a bee keeper. So fascinating!

Took a tractor ride [Solomon's favorite]

Went to the petting zoo there and had lots of fun petting [sometimes squeezing, oops] the animals. As well as Charles catching a few for us so we could actually see them up close and personal.
A first for Charles...hearing a pig squeal. 

I highly recommend a trip!


  1. What a beautiful pictures! The boy with te cat ... so nice.

  2. looks like Moses needs a kitty cat. :)



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