Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2011 Homeschool Shelf

I took a shot of my shelf for y'all and thought I'd let you know a few things that are on it. Can't go into detail now, but thought I might get you curious...

4. Singapore Kindergarten Math [textbook, activity book, readers]

This year we are mainly doing My Father's World Kindergarten [MFW], but I bought my very busy 5 year old a few supplemental things to keep him busy if he starts getting in trouble bored. My plan [insert laugh here] is to do a little of this and little of that every week to expose him to deeper math & the world.

I highly highly highly recommend the Hooked On Phonics Pre-K, for really even 18 months and up. My kids were singing all their letters and sounds super early and I completely attribute it to their DVD's & little kit. We weren't pushy with it, but they loved it! I haven't used the Master reader yet, but it was given to me [almost free] so I just have it as backup incase we run into need for extra reading help.

Other than that, I've just been lesson planning tonight for about two hours [silly, I know], but can you blame me? It's my first go around with Kindergarten [again, go ahead and laugh at me] homeschooling and I'm a bit excited/over the top. This much planning is by no means required, I'm just excited I think. I never finished adding up all the hours I spent copying, cutting, laminating, organizing for this year, but it was somewhere around 3 days. Not to mention all the hours I've spent on these two sites:

My Father's World Message Board and Training Them Up [a mom who posted her whole year!]

So far, I'm liking what I'm seeing. Both of these sites have helped me to find ideas to save time down the road & be more creative. I found a great chart that organizes my days & some extra printables & crafts I love too!

Here is the list of the 26 lessons [spend one week on each]
we are about to do after we finish our two week lesson on creation:

If you know of any amazing videos, songs, books, apps, games, crafts, snacks, etc etc
on these subjects---let me know!!!

Happy homeschooling y'all!

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  1. When we did MFW K I helped the kis create a lap book for each letter and the activities of the week. We kept them simple but it was a great way to showcase what they were learning and review later. Just google lap books for ideas.



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