Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thankful Thursday Top Ten 56

Thankful This Week For:

1. My mom starting a blog [she'll be reviewing books...oh and y'all she's funny & feisty!]
2. My first attempt at fajita stir fry [the veggies were $4, I couldn't pass it up & my hubby loved it!]
3. Lego club switched to my house [the boy and girls table happen naturally]
4. Flowers on my table
5. My husband letting me pick the chocolate at The Melting Pot [banana foster!]
6. Apologizes
7. My first monogrammed purse
8. Small group at my house last Friday [and this time I didn't stress out and clean...I'm growing!]
9. Playing Pictionary with friends [and winning!]
10. Exclamation points!!!!! My husband always makes fun of me, but hey, life is too exciting!

All photos brought to you by my iPhone because I'm too busy to plug in my real camera?!?!


  1. "...I'm too busy to plug in my camera" is why I havent emailed you those pics I took at Lego club.

    Great list. The purse looks nice.

  2. Love the purse!! Thats awesome that your mom started a blog!! I have tried to talk my sister into starting one! :)

  3. Lego club looks so fun and that is one cute purse!!!

  4. Thank's hopefully soon I'll officially open 31 stitches online! -Candra



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