Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Best -Twenty Seven- Decisions

I was born 27 years ago today.

In honor of that, I made myself a pink bracelet with 27 beads.

More exciting than that, I finally [re] busted out my micro lens to play.

Even more list of:

My Best 27 Decisions To Date:

1. Accepting Christ
2. Marrying Charles
3. [Fearlessly, against the flow] bearing children early on in our marriage
4. Going on mission trips as a teenager
5. Going to college [more for the friendships I made]
6. Sticking with writing...blogging [even if I did take long breaks from it]
7. Reading Redeeming Loveir.gif [which began a love for reading]
8. Taking Elijah House [I refer back to it a lot]
9. Switching to Apple products [okay, maybe not monumental, but definitely fun]
10. Picking April as my first college roommate [still a best friend!]
11. Attending all the churches I have over the years [they made me who I am]
12. Exposing myself to the Kingdom of God & the supernatural gifts [like this]
13. Buying our current house [tiny, but wonderful to raise our boys in thus far]
14. Choosing organic [and or healthy alternatives when possible]
15. Breastfeeding
16. Having homebirths [and choosing my midwife]
17. Staying away from the Dr. as much as possible [minus Chiropractic]
18. Taking pictures & scrapbooking [love preserving things I never want to forget]
19. Staying on facebook [staying in touch with people I couldn't otherwise]
20. Forgiving imperfect people in my life
21. Choosing life...when I wanted to quit
22. Discovering Rainbow shoesir.gif
23. Keeping my kids home with me
24. Not letting my body image rule my life
25. Deciding to not live in fear
26. Staying close with my family
27. Finding good friends & having great counsel


  1. I made the list!!! Love you :)

  2. Of course, #28 next year will be "Going to Vortex." Happy Birthday!!

  3. Sarah, of course you made the list--saved the best for last.

    Monica, Vortex is #11--

  4. love this list, and a very happy birthday to you sweet lady! you have a blessed life indeed!

    ps, what chiropractor do you go to? I am in need of one but need to see if they accept my insurance...let me know :)

    love, chrissi

  5. i just wrote the best comment ever and it deleted it. it will take me some time to get over my list of 27 things i love about candra disappearing into cyber world. and i will attempt to replicate it.



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