Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Homeschooling with Courtney: Podcast Episode 2


This week I interview a childhood friend of mine, Courtney, who is a homeschool mom of 3 kiddos aged 8 to 2. Please enjoy our uncut, unedited, un-technical and unprepared conversation. We cover Costco bacon, the importance of playing with your kids, a pet bee, homeschool schedules, child led science & history lessons, eating sardines, and much more. 
If nothing else you will walk away feeling more normal, less crazy, and think you're a better mom than both of us. For real though, I hope you are encouraged, learn something, laugh, and enjoyed this while you folded laundry. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

When You Feel Like All Your Parenting Is For Nothing

I never want to forget tonight. After a heated discussion with my oldest I sat and cried out to Jesus (even with R rated language) and asked Him for wisdom and love to deal with my children. Who, after lots of spiritual effort, I can still be left feeling like it's all just moving backwards, but in moment like tonight when my son came back to me and he spoke with such truth, repentance, understanding and love...I am renewed. 

He asked if we could pray together and I didn't feel like I was sitting by a rebellious 9 year old, but a mature 18 year old (just a little shorter than he'll probably end up!). 

Letting go of controlling people and behaviors

and trusting Jesus to do the heart changing is the only way to go. 

I felt so sure it was all for nothing until he said back everything I had ever poured into him so heartfelt. Nothing is moving backwards---it's all moving forward. He told me "you're an almost perfect mom" (and I knew instantly one day that would be a book chapter). He's an exact type of person. First he said I was perfect, but remembered no one was, so next best was --- almost perfect. Aren't we all?

He told me to keep doing what I was doing to help him grow up to be wise and in that moment I knew that all my labor wasn't in vain and neither is yours.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Week One of School with Erin: Podcast Episode 1

I had this grand idea, that I would attempt a podcast station. By podcast station, I mean, I have totally not figured this out yet, so you will have to...

CLICK HERE listen.

I promise to improve the quality of the audio and accessibility in the future podcasts.

For now, if you are super fancy, you can pull this up on your phone and listen to through your ear buds while you wash the dishes or on speaker phone while you fold laundry. I don't recommend trying to listen to this with your car bluetooth with your children present because they may come to realize how unprepared we really are as homeschool moms, I mean, educators.

This week I interview a dear friend of mine, Erin, who is a homeschool mom of 4 handsome boys aged 11 to 1. Please enjoy our uncut, unedited, un-technical and unprepared conversation. We cover everything from our first week highs and lows, to chores for kids, vomit, curriculums, how to school with a baby or toddler [or lack there of], and more.

If nothing else you will walk away feeling more normal, less crazy, and think you're a better mom than both of us. For real though, I hope you are encouraged, learn something, laugh, and realize it's okay to order non-organic pizza on Friday nights.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Classical Conversations Cycle One

Below are all my favorite resources from CC Connected. 

I will update every week... so save this page and check back in! They are listed in week order.

They are written just as you can find them on CC Connected so just copy and paste the title into the search bar. The author is in [ ] if you prefer to look up that way. 


  • Weeks 1-12 CpyWrk Review Shts [wenderbell]
  • Fridge Facts 1-12 Google Images [brandenburg3]
  • Cycle 1 Flip Chart with Skip Counting - Good [melodystroud]
  • Complete Tri Fold Cycle 1 Wks 1-6 []
  • Complete Tri Fold Cycle 1 Wks 7-12 []
  • Complete Tri Fold Cycle 1 Wks 13-18 []
  • Complete Tri Fold Cycle 1 Wks 19-24 []
  • C1.History Statement Copywork [suzannemosley]
  • C1Wk1-24 History Sentence Cards [StephAhrens]
  • Wk 1-24 History Coloring Pages []
  • C1 History Trifold Board W1-12 [keppel] 
  • C1 History Trifold Board W13-24 [keppel]
  • C1-W3-Greek-Roman-gods-Abecedarian [Ekvcharvey]
  • 7 Wonders of the Ancient World Presentation [civwar]
  • Greek and Roman Gods Tri-Fold [nikkismith]

  • Math4th_wk01-24_MiniOffice [KnoxFamily]
  • Notebook Link Cycle 1 Weeks 1-24 [sheriellis] under dropbox as "Notebook English Week 1-24" 
  •  Notebook Link Cycle 1 Weeks 1-24 [sheriellis] under dropbox as "Notebook Latin Abecedarians Apprentices Week 1-24"
  • Notebook Link Cycle 1 Weeks 1-24 [sheriellis] under dropbox as "Notebook Science Abecedarians Apprentices Week 1-24"
  • C1 English Trifold Board [keppel]
  • Exodus 20 1-17 for Tri-fold board [jennedwards]
  • Cycle 1 Bible Exodus 20 [brandyferrell]
  • C1 Africa color 24x36 [emorrisx]
  • C1 Africa blackline master 24x36 [emorrisx]
  • C1 8.5x11 unlabeled blackline maps [TierneyTribe]
  • Cycle 1 ALL 24 Weeks GEO 8.5x11 [?]
  • Hebrew Empire- Large [sabatini]
  • latin noun cases C1Wk1 [Brandi515]
  • C1 Latin Trifold Board
  • C1 Latin 1st Dec Cues [rafikipaka]
  • 1st Declension flashcards [TammyOostdyk]
  • C1 W3.4 1st Decl Latin Noun Ending Cards [bugsotter]
  • 2nd Declension Flashcards [TammyOostdyk]
  • latin 3rd declension flashcards [TammyOostdyk]
  • latin-4th-declension flashcards  [TammyOostdyk]
  • latin-5th declension flashcards  [TammyOostdyk]
  • C1 Science Trifold Board W1-12 [keppel]
  • C1 Science Trifold Board W13-24 [keppel]
  • Cycle_1_Science_wk_1-4 [barbarakaufmann]
  • CC_C1-W1_Class_LivingThings [meljohnson]
  • 5 Kingdoms Mnemonic [AngieFerrell]
  • Major Groups of Invertebrates Flashcards1 [melodystroud]
  • CC Cycle 1 Fine Arts [annettelam] *difficult to find* only fill in categories for "fine arts" and "annettelam" leave search and other categories blank

Saturday, August 1, 2015

5 Things I've Learned Blogging for 5 Years

In 5 years...

612 posts

Can you tell when I started homeschooling? aka #timeforwritingkiller

I tried to write every day during the fall of 2010, and through out the year in 2011, and in the summer and spring of 2012 before I officially started homeschooling. Obviously, it was either sleep or blog.

At first I chose blog, but then I felt a slight tinge of regret after being a cranky, overly tired teacher. I cut back to writing once a month, I missed it a lot, but wanted my family to always be first.

I kept the name "Curious Georgi" for almost 4 years, but finally bit the bullet and changed it to "Candra Georgi" as many bloggers and writers I know have gone from a cutesy name blog title to a blog title that has their name.

Ironically, [I am going to go out on an apple tree limb here and assume it has to do with the title I picked], my post Apple Bottom Genes had over 169,521 views! I'm going to assume "a few" from spam. Half a dozen other posts I have written each had tens of thousands of views each, those were mostly my Pinteresty My Father's World Kindergarten craft posts like M is for Moon & one post about how I met my husband

Probably the neatest thing that came out of writing, was I re-discovered a love for photography and out of that started a photography business! Who would have thought? Taking pictures for the blog each day, great my desire to improve my skills and one thing led to another and now I have a legit part time business. I love it. 

5 Things I've Learned Blogging In Five Years

1. Write What You Don't Want To
It's easy to blog about your accomplishments, but I've found that people have most respected and been ministered to when I write the raw, real, uncut truth. The things it's hard to write about because there is some potential judgement to be followed. However, I have found, it's less "how could you" and more "I'm right there with you".

2. Homeschool Daily or Blog Daily
You can not write a blog post everyday, or apparently even every week [and takes a short miracle to even every month] once you start homeschooling, unless you want to trade your sleep. I know this isn't true for everyone, it just so happen to be true for me. I take serious the responsibility to educate my kids, and it can't come second to anything. I love to write, but my time is limited these days, and so I do what I can, but my people come first, before you people. I say that in the nicest way possible.

3. Appearances Aren't Everything 
People will learn to see past your papyrus font, non-DSLR photos, grammar and lack of spelling skills if you are slightly funny and occasionally say something meaningful. Thank God!

4. Your Family Really Does Matter More
I mean, I love to minister to women, but my first ministry is to my family. First my husband, and then my kiddos. I will not have to give an account to God for all the women in cyber space I did not do a good job discipling, but I will have to give an account to the little disciples He gave me. It has been a struggle at times, but I am happy to report, I come back to this--- my family gets the first and best parts of my time, period.

5. Don't Reinvent The Wheel
If someone out there in cyber space has already done it, don't try to do it again. Find a new nitch, find a new corner, find something new to say. I could have blogged about all our homeschool weeks all these years, but you know there is already plenty of My Father's World or Classical Conversation blogs out there, but there isn't someone just like me out there sharing their heart... because I am the only me. Be you, write you, share you.


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