Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Naked Cowboy

I like sleeping in.

I dislike my attempt to scrapbook with boys in apartment.

I like that I can try again tomorrow.

I dislike having a fight with Charles.

I like that we can both apologize.

I dislike that marriage is constant-hard-work.

I like that anything worth anything  is hard work.

I dislike that God is trying to change things in me.

I like that I'll be better off when He's done with me.

I dislike that I don't take criticism well.

I like that two hours outside makes things well with my world.

I dislike that my boys tried to crawl out of their bedroom window when they were suppose to be sleeping.

I like that Jesus gave me "mom ears" and I was able to catch them as the feet were leaving the window sills.

I dislike that I will have to purchase window locks for the playroom & their bedroom.

I like that it's almost "tomorrow".

I dislike that I'll probably wake up sleepy.

I like that a shower can wash away a lot of emotional yuck.

I like that Charles gave me the [possibly] best compliment ever and told me he thought I was a good writer.


  1. I agree that "you write good" (that's how Chris phrased it, haha) is almost more magical to hear than "your butt looks tiny in those jeans, hon" LOL!

    And for what it's worth, you do write good. :)

  2. Super cute towels :) I'm gonna have to get some of those! It's fun to write...though I often don't have the time or brain power left in the day. You are amazing to be able to even complete full thoughts with 3 little ones! You are a good writer!



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