Monday, September 20, 2010

How To Crash A Birthday Party

Birthday Party Crashers

We've all heard of wedding crashers,
but have you ever crashed a baby's birthday? 

Today, we totally joined some strangers for little girl's 1st birthday.

After my post on homesickness, an old friend from college, Ashton, reminded me on facebook [reason #108 why facebook is worth staying on] that she'd already told me about her cousin Beth, [and her sweet family and friends] that lived in Ohio. I called them up yesterday, awkward and all, and they invited me to her daughter's first birthday party.

The party was beautifully decorated and everyone was so welcoming. They basically were all from the same small church and I even got to meet the pastor and his wife and their ten children. The pastors wife, was Grace's grandmother, actually has a one year old herself! 

I figure this will be me, just about the time I start getting finished, my older kids will start having kids. Exciting & exhausting to think about.

4 generations

I also met another mom of three, with one on the way, who homeschools. I've already been invited over! 

So thank you for praying,
the beginnings of your prayers are already being answered.

To see all 30 of the photos, click here.


  1. Glad you got some new playdates!

  2. Presh!!! I cried at the pictures because Miss Liberty is going to be one oh-so-very soon and I'm not ready for it. :)

  3. I know, I can't believe in 6 months and 3 days Moses will be one. We're almost half way there!

  4. SOOOOO You're Saying...I am missing you too! But you blogging is like you are in the other room....except we are not on AIM talking to eachother...hehehehe! Keep up the awesome writing...I agree 100% with Charles!
    Love you Snowflake!

  5. LOL, "Snowflake" ha ha, I almost forgot. Hey did you know Theresa that still exists! oh yay, we should put our pics up again and see what score we get, lol

  6. adorable pictures, what a cute little girl!

  7. well I'm sure the invite was well worth the amazing pictures you took!



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