Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stop and Smell the Stars

Sort of have writers block. Well, I have ideas, but they take a long time and it's late [did I just call 10:20 pm late?] and I still have to go run...which is dreadful. After 5 weeks of faithful running I took last week off in a fit of laziness and am going to have to drag myself back now. Probably because Couch to 5K is getting more intense and, well, I'm done, and would like my gold medal now, thank you very much, my plaque, and applause, mmmm' kay? Honestly running isn't so bad, it's just getting there, I'm not a morning person and although a night owl, the couch [ironically coinciding with my running plan] at this time of night is oh-so-magnetic to my rear. After we eat I need at least 2-3 hours before I can stomach exercise.

Running is over. Starting post over.

I hope to one day write in such a way that my words do for your heart what a song writer just did for mine. I stopped on the way back from the gym and laid out under the stars in the apartment garden. I can't remember the last time I looked at the stars for more than a quick glance.

Why do we say "stop and smell the roses?" Just inhaling the majesty of the stars was fragrance enough for me tonight. My spirit has been stopped up & having trouble breathing...until tonight.

Today I found out...

...a friend lost her unborn child
...a friend lost his mother
...a friend lost the contents of her house
...a friend lost her husband 6 months ago today
...a friend lost her way

And here I was writing about how much running plagues me. 

I know, I know, everyday someone somewhere is going through something. Nevertheless, it's bothering me more than usual. Last week [and still this week], my heart is pondering the deep things admist the everyday seemingly unimportant ...wiping butts, washing sippy cups and rescuing legos from the vacuum.

God, why I am here? 

Is it enough to be a wife and mother? 

Am I even good at those things? 

What if I don't make some giant imprint in history? 

What if we all turn out just as ordinary as the world and have a white picket fence to show for it?

We slept in. We played blocks. We played Legos. We played logs. 
We colored. We played ball. We ate. We learned. 

We took naps. We fed the ducks. We folded clothes. We talked about Him. We changed. We smiled. We cried. We got in trouble. We cleaned. We corresponded. We ate out. We watched a movie. We tucked in. We called it a day.

I know you're probably like me, 
trying to find a way to honor the Lord with your day to day. 

We are where we are.

Help us Lord to see it's exactly where you want us.

Help us Lord to see why you have us here and 
what to do with ourselves...for You.

Help us Lord to serve our little ones 
like we would those in an African orphanage.

Help us Lord to do it all through you and not our own effort.

Help us Lord to do what you're doing and 
not ask for your help with what we're doing.

Help us to experience Isaiah 30:21

Help us Lord to stay in your presence.

"If you want it come and get it for cryin' out loud
The love that I have given you was never a doubt
Let go of your heart let go of your head and feel it now"

I want in.


  1. You will never believe this, but I was singing this song in my head when I was reading your post. Then, I get to the bottom and there it is :)

    Hugs! Good post and great perspective!

  2. Just beautiful Candra! I write sometimes even though I haven't written in a while. http://candyhayes.blogspot.com/ Thank you for sharing with me :)

  3. Charles Georgi loves Candra Georgi's heart. "Smell the stars"....that's cool. I'd like to use that in a song lyric. There you go inspiring me again

  4. I am in too! We laid on the trampoline one night out here in the country looking at the stars-it can do so much in a heart. Wow-that was a lot in day. I love how you said serve our little ones like we would in an African orphanage. That was really good and will stick with me. And us doing what He is doing and not ask for help with what we are doing. That will stick with me.



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