Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You Have Dollhouses, I Have Forts

Yesterday, after getting lost trying to find another park we stumbled upon Sugarcreek MetroParkThree 550 year old oak trees, a tall grass prairie, and 618 acres of woodlands.

We parked and started on the trail 
when we came to this "kids area" full of fun fort building. 

More sticks than the boys had ever seen before. 

The boys were in Heaven [and so was I].

They played for almost 2 hours. 

Nation told "Next time you want to take us to another park, 
change your mind, and bring us here."

Moses in the Ergo.

I took this picture for all my friends that are one of three sisters.

Nation making "fire". Where did he learn that?

[All pictures taken with my iPhone, I would have brought my real camera if I'd known we were going to such a beautiful place.]


  1. i want to go!

  2. We should go there the Sunday when we visit if it is the "best" park.

  3. Sarah Grace, I totally was thinking of y'all when I took this photo. For sure.

  4. The one of Nation behind the tree is my favorite.

  5. i can't believe your iphone took those-they are amazing. i love what nation said! and i'm so copying the pic of moses in the ergo with lovey.

  6. Wow! Looks like a blast! Fort building is the best. :)



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