Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wouldn't Have Named Him Moses If I Knew...

...Chris Martin [Coldplay] & Gwyneth Paltrow named their son that. I mean, I love the name, but I'm not about copying "Hollywood". I'm glad I never knew before he was born because I can't imagine calling him anything else.

Today, my third son, Moses, turned 6 months old.

I still haven't recovered my photos from the computer crash, but I was able to find one from each month online. Not the best quality or selection, but still melts my heart to look at.

1 month

2 months 

3 months 

4 months

5 months 

6 months

6 things about Moses...

1-was born at home in 3 hours

2-is maybe my easiest baby? It could be because he just has to be because I'm already busy enough with two other toddlers.

3-is a smilier

4-crawled two weeks before turning 6 months, beating both his brothers

5-afterall, was my most busiest baby in womb

6-nurses like a champ, sleeps all night and naps without a fuss

Anyone want to hear his birth story? Maybe I'll blog about that later...


  1. I was going to name Jaana "Apple," but you know...Hollywood. :)

    Happy 6 months, Moses!

  2. i gladly copied gwen stephani. kingston was just his name & bren & i both agreed right when we saw him (in 4D) :)

  3. I still can't believe you didn't know their son was named Moses since you are so into famous celebrities. ha ha j/k

    Can't believe he is half way to one. Time flies!

  4. I love the picture recap of him growing.

    I almost swapped another trip for a DAY layover last night but poof it was gone, I wasn't quick enough. :(

    I will have to reminisce for a moment and agree that Moses has been the quickest baby around so fast I missed the birth while I was watching Avatar. Ok I wasn't actually watching Avatar but still he was ready to meet his other Georgi's and TADA here's Moses!!

  5. You should definitely share your birth story. And video! Ha!

  6. aww-i love the moses tribute. he's a cutie just like the other two. that is AMAZING he crawled at 5 months. and fact number 7-he has a friend born two weeks after him, homebirth and they weighed the same-Love. i would love to see the video, esp. the water LOL

  7. Y'all are all too funny. Thanks for reading. Love seeing all of your babies grow up too!



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