Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten [#8]

[The Bad News: You have 17 pictures to look at]

[The Good News: If you make it through, you get to hear what happen to me at Sam's Club today]

*Other titles for this post: How to Enter Sam's Club 3 Times in One Hour*

Thankful This Week For:

 1- My blog post being so sad my mom decided to come visit me this weekend!

2- The start of Fall 
[even if we are all still experiencing a heat wave]

3- Enjoying  [not just surviving] the first 6 months with 3 boys under 4

[he was doing this to himself]

4- The return on some Fall TV shows 
[Parenthood/The Office]

5- Cleaned car seats 
[failed to mention this earlier, but they were washed and this greatly helped the funk smell in my car]

6-Breaking Free by Beth Moore
[I've been watching the DVD's, but my bible study book never arrived...ordered a new one and have two friends back in GA going to go through it with me, plus my mom!]

[my future]

7- "Won" three baby carriers this week from Amazon to review
[I'll keep you posted, I really like one so far]

[yep, he's my spitter-upper kid]

8- I've made it to Week 5 of Couch to 5K
[Up to almost 2 miles]

9- Chalk+ my animated boys 

10- Making it out of Sam's finally with groceries
[Okay, the story you've all been waiting for...]

Usually once a month I go to Costco [here in OH, I go to Sam's Club] and buy some bulk snacks & frozen items. Surprisingly they have a decent selection of well priced organic products. Lately, I've been buying their pre-seasoned Salmon & Tilapia. It's an easy meal, just bake, rice in rice cooker and steam some veggies. I also like to buy ground beef there, you can get organic grass-feed beef for $4 a pound.

[trying to pull up and stand on me...oh we go]

Okay, the story---So I should have known something was up when the kids were behaving so well and we made our hour trip through the store without a fuss. We get to the check out line and the clerk informs me the machine isn't working so great.

[chalk in eye]

I ran my debit card as credit, then she said "Oh it's going to need your pin, it's not running any credits, only debits today." However, she'd gladly accept $180 in cash. Ha. I would have run it as a debit, but my card just came in the mail this week and the new 7 digit pin hasn't been memorized yet.

I have two kids in cart [ready for lunch], a baby that just fell asleep on my back [ready to nurse soon] and a cart full of frozen items. I would have just quit had it not been for the lack of desire to come back this weekend, or return home today without things like drinking water.

[What Nation did when I asked to take a picture of his eyes]

I left the store, loaded up the kids, drove home, found my pin number in a letter, drove back, unloaded the kids, got back in line and then she tells me "Oh, sorry, it's not taking debit cards either." She then tells me that I could go across the street to Wal-Mart and get cash. I load the kids up in the cart, walk across the street in the hot sun, wait in line and then ask to get cash back.

"Oh sorry, our cash back function is down."

I load the kids back up in the car and am calling it quits. But I can't, I've come to far. I drove home, found a check [because the second time I returned she informed me "oh a check would work"].

Drove back, up to the front, asked a stranger to go inside and ask if they would accept an out of state check, she returns, yes. I then park my car, nurse Moses, kids waited patiently while chewing my entire pack of gum. Then we unload and go back into Sam's for the 3rd time.

[my does-not-like-to-be-photographed-child]

Check clears. We leave the store with stuff! I'm not sure the items I got were worth it, but I did it. I got the dang groceries. 


Don't worry, I'll be bringing cash, check, debit card and might even apply for a credit card as a 4th back up for next month.

[5:04 PM]
[5:04:10...such an actor]


  1. Yay for moms who still come to the rescue!!!

  2. I'm exhausted after reading that!

  3. That sounds crazy. Glad you finally got the groceries and really happy your Mom is coming to visit!

  4. A Day in the Life....FOR real.

    How old are your kiddos?

    ps. we are so glad that parenthood and the office are back on too :)

  5. oh my-that was hilarious after the fact but would not be so funny at the time. i cannot believe all that happened with the card machines. i loved nation's eye picture! i like your one pink chalk in the middle of all the blue and green-goes well with blog theme.



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