Friday, September 24, 2010

My Hot Mess of a House

This note was placed outside my door this week by a "friendly" mystery neighbor. Apparently they don't like that I put my trash outside my doors sometimes for a few hours before Charles comes home to take it out. I guess I should load all three kids up and walk it to the dumpsters across the complex several times a day. NOT. 

I wish I would have taken a picture of what I wrote back. I wrote over it...

"Sorry, my bad" -Mom & three kids

My friend Lindsey Carson [who is an incredibly hilarious writer] is having a contest on her blog about "keeping it real" and showing pictures of our "hot mess houses". 

I use to be a clean freak, but...then I had kids and now I'm satisfied keeping my house [at least] picked up. If I only have time for two chores a day I always focus on laundry & dishes. I feel accomplished knowing I did a load of laundry and there are no dishes in the sink when my head hits the pillow.

I saw all this to say, I typically only deep clean every three weeks when my midwife visits for my prenatals, but in between pregnancies [ha ha] I typically deep clean only if someone is coming over. 

Thus, I like to invite people over motivate me. Today, my mom drove 8 hours from GA with my brothers to come visit us in OH. So, I let my house go this week, until today when I cleaned it sparkly.

dishes for one day

part of playroom

i'm not use to vacuuming [hardwoods at home], and i don't really see the point of vacuuming under the table when the next meal will look just like this again

yes, i do leave the play-doh until the next vacuum

bad picture, but you get the point, stains on floor

sometimes you break glass & spill pepper,
but just walk around on it because you're nursing & making dinner

i know this yellow ring is gross, but i have 3 guys using it's reality

because i was deep cleaning, the laundry got washed, but not folded

so i "hid it" in my room

told you i clean up well

can you smell the cleaning products?


  1. I was wondering if you were going to enter :)

  2. you let your baby crawl around in broken glass and pepper? haha jk ;)

  3. What a lovely "neighbor."
    Rude azz.

  4. I'm not alone...Thanks Candra!! But mine is due to 6 kids so it's probably 2x's yours!!

    I keep telling myself it gets better as they get older, but now that they are 14, 11, 9, 6, 4, and 2, I haven't really seen any improvement!

  5. I love your BLOG! When I saw the sticky note it reminded me of once again our college days...heaven forbid a sticky note! Anyways...You did a great job of they did :-) And Props on Cleaning up :-) But you are right..KEEP IT REAL...really it is not going to hurt anyone if you don't pick something up if it will get on the floor again in a matter of hours!

  6. thanks tcup---i was thinking of you "keepin it real"

  7. Love your blog! I've been MIA from Facebook lately (studying for GRE), but love to catch your blog when I can. Love the "My Hot Mess of a House," which I will forward to my MOPS friends -- We had this discussion over-and-over at MOPS last year. I think that most moms put on this "martyr mom" face, thinking that their houses must be perfect 24/7, not realizing that 1) no one is perfect; no one's house is completely-free of clutter/dirty laundry/strewn-about toys 2) you can miss-out on the fun stuff with your kids, while worrying too much over how clean your hardwood floors are .... 3) does it really matter?

    Keep it real, Candra! : )

    Natalie S

  8. oh no, Sjapr14, please tell me it gets easier [covering my ears and not listening to you tell me it won't] ha ha i know, more kids, more mess and teenagers....ahhhhhhh i'm already scared

  9. Isn't it crazy how our cleaning habits change with the arrival of kids? I just keep reminding myself that someday they will be grown and then I will have plenty of time for a squeaky clean house!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your sunflower pictures are great too :)

  10. Ah, you are so REAL! I love you!

    My house looks like that at this very moment. And here I am. Blogging. Do I feel guilty? Nope.

    And hello passive aggressive. Gotta love people like that. Sheesh.

  11. thanks Jess...don't feel guilty...our job is never over...we just have to take occasional breaks ; )



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