Friday, September 17, 2010

Homesick: Day 48

Today was the first day since we've been here that I felt a homesick cloud come over me. I feel like keeping in touch with everyone via the internet has been so helpful in feeling connected...even the occasional phone call makes my day.

My husband's two co-workers wives' have had more employment responsibilities in Georgia than I hoped. I miss them! I do love my kids, but I long to talk and hang out with other adults during the week. Can I get an amen?

These don't count: strange strangers, residents at the mailboxes, drive thru attendants, librarians, or children slightly older than mine [however, for the most part can hold my attention decently.]

I miss date nights.
I miss double date nights.
I miss being at my moms.
I miss scrapbooking with my friends.
I miss just talking about nothing over dinner.
I miss watching our kids play together.
I miss small group.
I miss church.
I miss our backyard.
I miss my homebirth gals [have fun at the meeting tomorrow without me, *tear*].

Since this social smog has set it, it's time to do something about it. We haven't been attending church [formally] while here because with three small kids--new churches almost always are more stressful than productive. 

Sitting in the service---they are too loud. Being in the classes---you never know if you'll end up with them in the hall the-whole-time. Different churches have different "cry policies" and Nation tends to get naughty in new settings. Nevertheless, we might be "forced" to try out some local churches in hopes of at least making some friends for me. There is a Vineyard down the road that looks appealing.

I make friends quickly, but pray with me that God will send just the right women into my life over the next 2.5 months to keep this very big Sanguine occupied. I do meet nice people at the mall, parks, YMCA, and general out-and-abouts, but nothing has really panned out.

Maybe I'll look into mom's groups, I've done this before in traveling. My Beth Moore stuff coming in the mail is over 3 weeks late so I've scratched the idea of doing a bible study at the apartments [sigh, big sigh].

After this week, I'm contemplating the 16 hour round trip home even more. Although I loathe the thought of dragging the kids alone. What if I have to pull over and call my mom to just come pick us up because I-can-not-take-it-any-more? I wonder if we could get a ride from the local police in that situation?

These are things I wonder. And how do I take restroom stops with three sleeping kids?


Nevertheless, don't cry too much for me. It's the weekend and I have Charles around 24/7, but do know I miss all you gals out there in GA [and beyond]. I miss your faces, your laughs, your voices and just your sheer presence. You know who you are! 


  1. i do pray that He will bring you just the right friends and that you will be open to receiving them! and yes....totally try a church! best decision we ever made to get connected & feel grounded here.

  2. I tried a MOPS group yesterday, maybe that's a good place to start? Or you should get cards made up with your name and number on them, so that you can give them out to moms you meet at these parks you go to!

  3. How to drive home with 3 kids.. One word...
    Depends! Ha ha
    I promise I won't tell anyone :)

  4. Keep at it, sounds like you are totally motivated. I really know your pain moving to a new place, with people you don't know, always searching for a connection. They will happen, they will.

    Until then, we are here for you. Keep posting, keep reaching out. Keep praying.

    Big hug, xoxox

  5. I moved with my hubby 16 hours (one way) from home, from my parents...I had a similar experience where everything seemed ok, and then homesickness sets in all of a sudden. I cannot encourage you enough to go to church. No matter how hard it is with little ones (find a church with a great nursery program!!!). No matter how long it takes to find a 'fit' for you and your family, keep trying. You will be so encouraged when you find a group of believers to welcome you!!! I know the Lord will bless your efforts to connect with his Church body. Hang in there!

  6. You know I can so relate after all my years of traveling with Mat. You'll make it...and you'll have all those wonderful experiences to relish for a lifetime. Enjoy the peace today of sharing time with your immediate family as often even precious friends can be a distraction...although I am such a people person that I can feel your pain! I'm sure you'll find some friends to hang with. I'll be praying for you!!!



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