Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thankful Thursday Top Ten [#7]

Thankful This Week For:

1. Compassion Bloggers Trip to Guatemala
Reading the stories about their recent trip put things [again] in perspective for me. It also reminded me of the heart I want to continue to have [like the Lord's] for the people of this world.

2. Kid's Alarm Clock
If you're my friend on facebook you know that my kids have gradually been changing their wake up time from 8 am to 5:45 am. I purchased this today in hopes of changing that to 7 am, at least!

3. Documentaries
Since we added Netflix to our Wii, we've watched a few free documentaries. This week we watched Food Inc., The Union & Very Young Girls

I was inspired all the more to cut out more jejune food in our family's diet after watching Food Inc., it's a must-see. 

After watching The Union, I am convinced that hemp [from Cannabis] has many amazing uses [dietary, medical, fibre, building material, paper, fabric, weed control, fuel. etc]. It's a conspiracy shame it's illegal to grow. Just watch the movie. 

Very Young Girls was about the sex trade in the U.S. The documentary focuses on a few girls in New York City. It broke my heart, another must see, Jesus help us to make a difference in these girls lives so they don't turn to prostitution as their only hope.

4. Charles new [shorter] work schedule
He leaves at 6:45 am and gets home about 6 pm now, verses 8 pm. Those two hours make-all-the-difference-in-the-world. Still has weekends off.

5. Bow tie Lasagna
Yay for a new yummy, easy & quick meal on the rotation. I got the recipe from my friend Lindsey, who got it from, her good friend [riiight] Ree.

6. "Seven Pounds" 
I wish I was saying I lost that, but that's what Nation said when I asked him how much he loves me. Pounds is his measurement currency of choice these days.

I think this is new, nevertheless, its new to me. Usually cheaper than iTunes. I got the two free credits and plan to try audiobooks until my kids are all grown...which is probably only like 30 years from now.

8. The blogs I've started reading
They have awakened [cheesy I know] new ideas, creativity & a hunger for learning. I never really considered adopting, or owning a farm, planting a garden, or getting better at photography...until now.

9. Trader Joe's macaroni & cheese
I think I'm going to just pass on ever looking at the calorie content on this box of sweet goodness.

10. Other moms
Especially the ones who've been-there-done-that. I so enjoy hearing other moms stories and gleaning from their experiences. I feel so comforted by their wisdom, advice and at times [similar] struggles. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

Whether they are pretending to be a Miner, Knight, Batman, 80's kids-with-Lego-box-hat, or Woody [from Toy Story]...just being with my boys all day is what I'm always thankful for. 


  1. So glad Charles has got a new schedule! Cute photos of the boys!

  2. Food Inc. was disturbing. I refuse to buy meat from the supermarket again. Organic, grass-fed beef, locally grown from now on. The story about the soybean industry infuriated me. Monsanto sucks!

  3. I loved reading through your list :)

    And I agree, I am also thankful for the blogs that have inspired me to do things I never pictured myself doing before.

  4. Awesomely awesome! I also purchased the stop light clock, haha! We can have a contest to see who it works better for. :) Thanks for the link love and the recommendations for some Netflix viewing. Love the photos as usual and happy for you about the new work schedule. How right you are about those being the 2 most crucial hours of the day (for my sanity, at least...)!



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