Wednesday, September 15, 2010

At the Corner of Main & Elm

We recently got library cards [yes, even Moses at 5 months] at the Fairborn Library. Our first attempt at me picking out books with all 3 kids resulted in a drive-thru-approach to taking only 10 books from their display case. 

This time, I left the kids with Charles and took my time to pick out books they'd enjoy. 

Before heading inside though, I took some pictures of their very adorable main street in Fairborn, OH. This was this week's photo assignment SIGNS from You Capture.

I love that all over America there are corners like this.

"Signs" of our economy's effects on small towns. Another vacant business.

Never tried before

This very small town [center], had not one, not two, but three costume stores.

...And lots of flags flying proudly

These are the 40 library books I carried out to my car in one load. I'll try to remember my bag next time.


  1. These are really cool shots! I always leave with way too many library books too...the challenge is bringing them all back...;)

  2. Delightful photos - I love the typewritter and the street signs. You should try RC sometime - it's not bad. :-)

  3. Wow- that one with the typewriter is amazing!!!


  4. Look at these photos! And you were trippin bout drawing some fortune cookie directions a few years ago?? Puh-LEASE!!! Cool stuff Honey XOXO ~Alli



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