Sunday, August 15, 2010

Surfing in Ohio

The Lord started talking to me about this last night and then this morning Nation yelled at Solomon and Charles and I both corrected him, to which he replied, "I'm just talking to him like you and daddy talk to me." Ouch.

I suppose over time we have trained our kids to only respond when our voices get elevated. It didn't really start off in anger, it was because it's just plain loud in our house. Three little boys and two adults...some toys, some shows, some talking, some crying. It seems almost impossible most times to instruct without raising ones voice to be heard. However, like I said, now they are yelling at one another and also not responding quickly unless we raise our voice. Now, the un-training begins.

Ohio+Surfing=Irony. It was a festival at Old River Park in Dayton that was celebrating all things tiki. Apparently the evening  music is the highlight, but we went during the day and enjoyed the car show, shopping, park & eventually...rain.



      With dad...Life is Good.

This [sideways...sorry] video is from when Charles and I were dating. We went to Walmart and he sang to me in line with a ukulele. Thought this went along with today's tiki theme.


  1. Love the pictures of the cars. I bet the boys loved it!

  2. Ooh, I am so with you on the not yelling anymore. I'm a yeller. I always justify it by saying "Well at least I don't beat them" But I'm working on it anyway. It helps that Liberty laughs her hardest and loudest when I'm yelling at Rory. :)



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