Saturday, August 14, 2010

Experiences in Packing

TGIF. After 5 long 12+ hour days for Charles, it was so nice to have a date night [in] with my husband. Ironically, we watched Date Night. Hilarious. Some of the "boring married scenes" could have come straight out of our life. Just proves that every marriage has those same fights/struggles. Made me feel better about my marriage, just laugh at yourselves. Keep it light.

Like I've said before, we've traveled several times and I remember some of our earlier trips Charles would pack too many socks, no underwear and not enough shirts or pants. Occasionally a giant keyboard he never had time to play either. There was once a battle over bringing a funnel, which we did end up using and he had the last laugh. Nevertheless, we've gotten better at packing what's important. Proud to announce the keyboard stayed at home this year [along with the funnel].

Things I didn't pack, but now have [thanks Ashley & Natalyn]:

1-Honey bear 
[it's not easy to pour out "a little" honey with a 20 gallon container]

2-The scale 
[currently next to fridge. plan to step on that evil device next week]

3-Rachel Ray pots 
[the ones here are umm...almost already ruined by me]

4-Workout videos 
[why are they so hard to actually turn on?]

5-Bread knife 
[homemade bread is useless unless accompanied by a proper bread knife]

Things I almost didn't pack [for risk of car space], but am glad we squeezed in: 

1-The exersaucer 
[for Moses entertainment & safety while not in my arms]

2-All 9 of the appliances 
[anyone want to guess them?]

3-Box fans 
[because we're a little on the trashy side]

4-Scrapbook stuff 
[plan to actually do this next week]

5-Lifevests & swimsuits 
[I'd hoped we would swim at the pool, well that's been an understatement lately]

During naptime The Flash [aka Nation] dumped out all the clothes in the drawers I just organized two days ago [summer and winter for the boys] into one big pile in the room and then the dresser fell...thankfully without an ER bill...not on top of him.

At the park Nation & Solomon kept picking up dried duck poop and telling me it wasn't poop. I am so over germs at this point. Three boys, please, I don't have time for Purell. [Actually I did, incase some of you are panicking right now.]

Eastwood MetroPark

This lovely park lived up to it's description: a 185-acre lake, beautiful shady picnic areas, a winding shaded lagoon, 3-mile loop trail, fishing, boating , swimming and a playground.


  1. Ok here goes..
    Bread machine
    Can opener
    Swiffer (That's a stretch of a guess)
    Water filter

  2. I think Tara is probably close. I would say
    1. bread maker
    2. mill
    3. mixer
    4. blender
    5. juicer
    6. food processor
    7. steamer
    8. toaster
    9. crock pot

  3. Answer:

    1. bread maker
    2. mill
    3. mixer
    4. blender
    5. waffle maker
    6. food processor
    7. steamer
    8. rice cooker
    9. crock pot

    VERY close girls. I wish I could have brought my toaster oven, but Charles said I just needed to use the oven and I haven't used the juicer since he fasted.



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