Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday Top Ten [#2]

Thankful this week for:

1-Smile TV [this Christian kids network where most of the shows have puppets or resemble an 80's version of Barney]
2-A cleaned our car
3-A new vacuum & steam mop [although haven't used yet]
4-Boys who can swim without lifevests [more or less]
5-The gym that is 90 steps away
6-Last minute outing with friends when I thought I was going to have to make dinner
7-What the Lord has taught me this week regarding parenting/wifehood
8-Friends & Family who still want a relationship with me even though I never call anyone anymore [three kids=always too noisy]
9-Kids who sleep all night [and even occasionally sleep in]
10-Love notes [written on paper towels] on the fridge 

My friend from GA who lived here before told me about this amazing park. It was almost completely shaded, had several playgrounds and the longest slide I've ever seen. Apparently, we need to bring wax paper next time [like everyone else] to slide down "the fastest I ever seen before". They shared...of course, because they are Dayton nice.

Shoup Park

Nationisms: "...And the dish ran away with the poop [spoon]"

After nap, we went swimming for two hours & when we got back into the [cold] apartment Solomon peed on the floor...Nation thought it was funny so he did the same thing. Sometimes I wonder if I have toddlers or new puppies.


  1. They peed on the floor? I can't stop laughing. I found Eli eating his poo today, boys are so...special :)

  2. Wow! That slide looks like fun!

  3. The slide was twice a long as the picture. It's long.



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