Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let Your Kids Shoot You

For awhile I thought in facebook statuses, you know you are going through out your day and you think "that would be a good status". Now I think in blog. Now my randomness conversations I have with myself [in my head] I assume should be made public knowledge with the hopeful intention of being meaningful or encouraging to someone [outside my head]. 

I heard the constant nudging today of the Lord telling me to stop and do this or that. For example, I'm tucking Nation into bed and I hear the Lord say "I know you're ready to go eat your hot lunch, but let it cool, and read Nation one story." I'm the kind of person who gets excited about making lists, goals and schedules to read to my kids, but am less likely to actually carry these things out...until today when I realized...why don't I just obey the Lord when I hear him tell me to stop and do something? So I tried it.

[Maybe the internet being out all day helped too.]

One of those moments was when I stopped folding laundry & played with Nation on the floor. I let him take pictures with my "real" camera. 

He actually got some great shots. Try it...send me the pictures and I'll post.

Another moment was when I attempted to have all my chores & cooking done before Charles got home. I'm not trying to sound like a overachiever in the wife department by any means, because I'm not, but I do feel like it's really honoring to the Lord when we try to make things as peaceful & smooth when they get home. 

Usually I have lots of complaining about the kids or explanations of my "hard day" [by the pool], but I felt the Lord would be really pleased if I could love Charles enough to make his load light when he gets home. We only have about 2 hours with him in the evenings and I'd like him to spend that resting up for his next 12-14 hour day. So if you get a chance, try it out. Even if he doesn't notice---God did.

[No promises this will happen tomorrow or there after Charles]

Dayton Daily: saw my first mosquito

Nationisms: "Little spankings work"

I took Solomon's diaper off this morning and in the time it took me to go get a new one he pooped on the carpet. Then walked to the bathroom to tell me...with it on his feet. [Decided against taking that picture]

Nation took his Curious George book during nap time and "made a train" with the train story pages. You gotta give him creative on this one.

Nation also unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper and flushed it all down the toilet---we all know that didn't go down. We call him The Flash. Because he did this in about 30 seconds. Maybe he should be on that show where you do crazy tricks? [I'll spare you the picture since I already have so many today. Email me if you are too curious.]

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  1. The Flash strikes again! Ha ha
    It is so true. He does something naughty so quick that you don't even realize he has left the room. Amazing!



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