Monday, October 28, 2013

God Teaches Me Math

i feel defeated
i feel a bit hopeless about the after-baby-from-three-other-kids-too-weight
i miss writing
i feel like i don't have anything to say
i like taking pictures, but nothing else that has to do with processing or sharing them
i'm thankful for friends who encourage me
i wish i wasn't addicted to sugar and processed carbs
i feel ashamed
i've been working really hard to train my child in the way they should go but some days make me question if it's all been worth the effort
i couldn't have properly IG today's events without scaring some people from having children
i'm thankful my husband has grown leaps and bounds in listening, validating and comforting me
i need to spend more one on one "fun" time with each kid
i needed that picture today Nation drew of him and I where he wrote "mom is good at teaching me"
i think i drank four cups of tea today to try to keep from comfort eating
i need my heart to be comforted so i don't over eat so much
i love that God speaks to me
i'm scared if He has big things in store for us, I prefer the small and manageable
i've really been enjoying American History
i don't like to write because i don't like negative comments
If it's's me. If it's's me. If it's's me. I'm trying to do so many things in my own effort. I feel like I'm short cutting it by doing it alone and not wasting time waiting years before a silent God...all the while my Daddy is sitting next to me waiting to show me the real short cut.
I see this all the time when I teach new math to my children and they brush away my hand and tell me to shush because they already know how to do it which results in crying, a blank answer, and me repeating, "Are you sure you don't want my help with this?"
I think that's what God is saying to me today regarding my health & rearing my kids...
"Are you sure you don't want my help with this?"

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