Saturday, November 30, 2013

That Day You Dread Every Year... Family Picture Day

The year is almost over. Above is our family Christmas card picture. I'm thankful that is over too. Most stressful day of the year for me I think. Everyone has to be clean, dressed, match and in a good mood. Oh and we have to be on time. [We weren't] It's a hard day, but I'm glad I do it every year because it's so fun to see how much we have changed. 

There's always one kid who won't cooperate and this day it was Moses. He just kept giving this little smirk like "what? I'm not smiling". Nation was a good sport and Solomon's real smile lasted maybe after the first click. "Are we done yet?" Heaven didn't want to sit still much or smile at the camera, but she was pretty enough to get away with it all. I had to bribe them with a new toy AND ice cream.

I love my little tribe. 

We used a new photographer and she was great with our kiddos. All in all it's never as bad as I prepare myself for. I even bought a fart machine this time in hope it would make kids laugh, but for some reason even that couldn't crack Moses' smile, ha ha.

Thankful for another year with my wonderful [truly he is] husband, and 4 little ones. We never look this put together the other 364 days a year, so for once, it's nice. Mark your calendars people, our whole family showered that day.

Until next year.

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