Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thankful Thursday #109

1. Charles teaching Nation how to play chess
2. Charles taking Nation to buy his first golf club set & play a round with him
3. A lot of recent uninterrupted talking time with my husband
4. Another midwife appointment with all signs pointing towards great health for baby & I
5. Having my carpets cleaned [and the couch!] #nesting
6. New nursing bras, yep, about to get "back in the saddle" in that department--- so to speak
7. New makeup [haven't purchased any in 20 months... that's how often I wear makeup]
8. Real friends---real conversations
9. God's much needed answer to my teaching-reading dilemmas
10. Yellow roses for no reason

What are you thankful for this week?

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday #108

Thankful This Week For...

1. Making it through a week without Charles here [all kids accounted for still]
2. Playdates, play places and nesting to keep me busy
3. Homeschool schedule...I couldn't do the early mornings [driving, dressing, being awake and all]
4. That my kids are such great swimmers I never have to get in or out of the shade I can just watch
5. A new [color] crib. Ikea's cribs are so inexpensive and so great. Sold two previous ones to pay for it.
6. My last few weeks with Moses as "my baby"
7. A babysitter so I can have help and still get away every once in a while even if Charles is gone
8. Nice family weekend before Charles had to leave for NYC [even an extra day with him]
9. That my boys un-invite me to pancakes with dad on Saturday mornings because it's so fun to them
10. Downton Abbey [lovely tv show on PBS]

What are you thankful for this week?

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Funny Friday #32

[While playing a word game on the iPad]

Nation: Is this a word?
Me: Ugh...yeah, I think it's "as"
Nation: No, that's spelled "a-s"
Me: Ugh...I don't know

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday #107

Thankful This Week For...

1. Nation's drawings of stories in the bible as we go through them [see above: Garden of Eden]
2. Movie with friends
3. Hosting small group [although a lot of cleaning & work, I couldn't be happier to have everyone]
4. Yummy soup made for me by a friend [makes me wish I cooked for others more...or at all!]
5. Three and a half hours at a indoor bounce house [thankful my kids got my moneys worth out of it]
6. Swimming at a friends house [bonus, my boys swim so good I don't even have to get in the pool]
7. Taking my older boys to the movie [love buying them unhealthy popcorn, coke and candy]
8. Dinner with a girl friend [we only sneak away to see each other everyone few months...but love it]
9. Able to walk, chase, and even exercise on two feet for the first time in weeks!
10. Stopping for the wonderful wonder of bugs [all my guys do!]

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday #106

Nation [6] & tree

Thankful This Week For:

1. Nation's artistic-ness [that's not a word, but his artwork makes my heart smile everyday]
2. Getting to work at the Born Again Blessing sale with the always lovely Riverstone women
3. Saturdays when we have no plans & just actually relax [or nest & get things done!]
5. Paper & pencil to-do lists, despite the apps I just still like a little paper in front of me sometimes
6. Reading to my middle child...He gets left out a lot, so I'm trying to make a conscious effort
7. Nesting [need my household closets say more?]
9. When Solomon opens my car door for me all the time now
10. Walking around on two feet rather well this week...after 3 weeks of not due to splinter infection

Nation [6] lion & turtle

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday #105

Thankful This Week For...

1- waking little boys up from naps
2- my husband getting home from work most days this week before 5
3- watching the Olympics 
4- perk of being off my feet--- husband grocery shops --- and brings home flowers everytime
5- being able to say "i'm due next month"
6- having my babysitter back some after taking the summer off
7- snagging a $10 outdoor playhouse [well over $200] from a consignment sale
8- my sister returning safely from a month long mission trip in Panama
9- the way the Holy Spirit counsels
10- the way repentance and redemption make a great pair

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Preschool - Pre K -

Preschool & Pre-K

I think as new parents we tend to begin to stress out around...the day after our child is born...if they are "preforming" like other children around us. It starts out with whose child sleeps and eats the best and whose child crawls and walks and talks first, and then next thing you know you're stressing out because so-and-so's kid can already read...oh and they're 3.

If you feel the need to check off items on a list, here is your list, but if you want to think outside that box for a moment read on...

It's hard to understand balance. You want to educate them and offer opportunities, but you don't want to take away their childhood.

If I had to summarize this post, I'd say...
Just breathe. Love. Play. Enjoy. Show them the world. Don't stress.

Currently, I have a 6,4, and 2 year old. I only really focus on officially schooling my 6 year old for now. Every child has different abilities and desires. Every child, parent, and family is different of course, but for us this just currently works. I didn't start "teaching" Nation [my oldest] until he was 5 and starting Kindergarten.

Solomon just turned 4 and as a middle child, isn't particularly interested in school work yet. However, don't let his lack of desire fool you, this kid has picked up much more than I ever realized from listening to Nation learn. Well...between that and Disney Junior shows and Educational DVD's in the car, ha.

Even my 2 year old, Moses, can count to almost 20 and sing his ABC's [of course missing a few numbers and letters along the way] and it's not because I've drilled flash cards with him--- but because he lives in an atmosphere of education. We are constantly teaching our kids, even if not on purpose. 

Recently a read a post "What A 4 Year Old Should Know" [no need to repeat her, read!]

I believe the Lord did give me my children, and that is what qualifies me to teach them. Not a degree, or certification. There is plenty I don't know, but it's fun to learn along with my children, and lean on Christ when it's not so fun.

I agree with the article, I think what Preschool and Pre-K students need most is to be around their parents as much as possible & to learn about Jesus. I know this isn't always an option for everyone or even a preference, and there is no judgement, every family is different. It's just what I think works best...especially for us.

I think young children should be allowed to be a child: explore--make messes--be curious--get lost in a project--no forced [even to the point of tears] to learn. Introduce things, sure, if there is desire and curiosity...keep going. If all else fails...Read, Read, Read to them. Something I wasn't the best at, but now see the significance in. And if that fails...Play, Play, Play with them.

Education products and toys for their age:

Craft and education ideas:
My Homeschool Pinterest Collection
My Kids Craft Pinterest Collection

DVD favorites:
Hooked on Phonics Pre-K [love their DVD's--buy them!]
Preschool Prep Pack [great 7 DVD's, like them]
Leap Frog Learning DVD set [also most on Netflix]

Other favorites:
Dot to Dot Paints
Wikki Stix ABC Cards
Bob Books

I don't have a full list for you now, but there are lots of great sites for gleaning FREE ideas for kiddos to teach them without buying a curriculum. Honestly, you don't need one until they are older anyways. Here is a few I can think of off the top of my head that have great ideas and printables, etc.


Above all else, I'd suggest you...
build Godly character in them [sharing, responsibility, thankfulness, service, etc] and focus on having fun, reading, exploring, and playing. 

There are lots of books out there that show the most amazing human beings weren't textbook feed. They were saturated by fellowship with family & friends, and encouraged to get outside and get dirty. They were given opportunities to feel, touch, see, experience--- be curious about the world.

They were read to a lot. They were free to really experience life, not just hear and test on it. Especially with younger children, this is not the time, in my opinion, to worry about "can they write their name?" "can they count to 20?" blah blah blah. Will they eventually learn that? Sure!

But what a shame to have a naughty brat, who doesn't know their parents or the Lord well, who is lazy when it comes to reading or investigating but excels on paper with A's. What a waste. God wants our children to be fully alive in Him, and for now, you are the closest picture of God to them. You are the closest, most tangible piece of Jesus. Make their brains go wild with wonder. Don't shove papers and pencil in front of them yet. They will have the next 20 years to learn that way.


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