Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday #107

Thankful This Week For...

1. Nation's drawings of stories in the bible as we go through them [see above: Garden of Eden]
2. Movie with friends
3. Hosting small group [although a lot of cleaning & work, I couldn't be happier to have everyone]
4. Yummy soup made for me by a friend [makes me wish I cooked for others more...or at all!]
5. Three and a half hours at a indoor bounce house [thankful my kids got my moneys worth out of it]
6. Swimming at a friends house [bonus, my boys swim so good I don't even have to get in the pool]
7. Taking my older boys to the movie [love buying them unhealthy popcorn, coke and candy]
8. Dinner with a girl friend [we only sneak away to see each other everyone few months...but love it]
9. Able to walk, chase, and even exercise on two feet for the first time in weeks!
10. Stopping for the wonderful wonder of bugs [all my guys do!]

What are you thankful for? Link up below

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