Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentines Getaway in Savannah

Valentines dinner at Chops

adding to my xmas list, our hotel room at Avia, the tub i didn't have time to bathe in, and me using my new camera bag

lunch at The Olde Pink House

the sign was too funny

tree hugger

Some were taken on my iPhone [obvious] and some were taken on my "real" camera. Either way. There was just too much beauty in Savannah to photograph in just two days. Loved it. It was a total surprise and I couldn't have been more spoiled or happy! 29 hours with just...him!


  1. You had such a charming experience there, alone with your significant other. It is quite surprising how much beauty you can find in places when you open your eyes to see them. Sometimes all you have to do is be with your special someone in that special place. Then, suddenly, everything would appear brighter, better, and more beautiful. That shot with the view of the road is absolutely mesmerizing. It’s as if the road never stops; seemingly endless, it travels to places unknown, unspoken.



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