Friday, December 9, 2011

God Speaks [31 Things I Know]

This I know...
God Speaks
...all the time.

In a world where answers are always needed. Where wisdom is always necessary. And where our own thought are never enough. God speaks.

We feel like He doesn't. We feel like He's absent. We feel like He hasn't heard us. Oh, but He has. He's speaking. 

We don't understand His heart. We don't fathom His goodness. We don't understand His ways...or His timing. But none of this discounts the fact that He is speaking. All-The-Time.

In the majestic glimpse of weed. In letters on a Holy page. In words of hope from a friend.

If I know anything, it's Gods voice. I don't hear it enough. I don't ask enough. And I definitely don't get quiet enough. But, when those words of peace, comfort and will come my way. I know. He's speaking. He's words make sense.

If you wonder if He's there, if you wonder if He cares. Sit quiet, ask Him. Ask Him your question...

...Do you love me?
...What do you think about me?
...What will happen to me?
...Am I enough?
...What do you want me to do?
...Am I making a bad choice?
...Am I in your will?

Take what you heart to heart. Check it with The Word, and ask for counsel. Most likely, you've heard.

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