Saturday, December 10, 2011

Junk Drawer [31 Things I Know]

This I know...
Junk Drawer where it's at.

This post will have no picture to express my extreme and deep embarrassment. When I was single I had no junk drawer, what happen to me? Every since I've been married I let a drawer in the kitchen be known as "the drawer were stuff when where I didn't know where it should go". AKA all Charles' stuff and maybe some pens, a checkbook, batteries and some lighters. Ironically, if you go to look for a pen, checkbook, battery or lighter---it will not be there. It's a mystery I can no explain. However, probably lots of screws & random left over pieces to IKEA furniture we didn't have the heart to throw away. Oh, and maybe some tie wraps. [see: my husbands profession: wires]

Since moving in May, I let two kitchen drawers be for "junk", but they have become so full you can't open them and even if you open the cabinets below them you will see the overflow---the has not so gracefully fallen below. It's sad, but still humorous when my husband goes to open them to find something and gets frustrated and starts pulling all the contents out onto the counter top. He usually doesn't find what he's looking for [must have been a pen, checkbook, battery, or lighter, ha ha]. I do have a plan one of these days to actually get organized and put to end these drawers, but we both [or we 100] know that will never happen. 

However, my oldest son is [who is a builder & tinker] thinks this drawer is like a treasure chest. I often find him disobediently hands in searching for treasure. At least someone appreciations the drawer.

I have other areas of my life like this---my van, for one. Y'all that's an entire post in it's self, for sure.

Do you have a junk drawer?

This I know, we all have some closet, drawer, or hidden spot in our house that is just messy & organized. And you know what? Life will go on if we're 100 and it's still that way. Better to have a clean house and a few messy drawers than both clean and be so tightly wound no one wants to come over anyways. I often tell myself---that's what drawers and cabinets are for---to hide messes!

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  1. Haha! Just put a lighter in my junk drawer, but it probably won't be there when I need it :)



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