Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Send Rein

When the news is overwhelming.

When your news is overwhelming.

How do you pray? Where do you start?

Last night I didn't know where to start. Does my prayer really dent the shield of discomfort, death and disappear surrounding the many in Somalia?

When I pray, what changes? Does anyone get water? Does anyone get food? Does a miracle happen that I'll never know about?

I started to pray.

I visualize a mother, walking 15-30 days carrying all her weak children to refuge. I pray for her. HOPE. Meet her in the road Lord. Send angels to her every side to keep her from looters. If she doesn't know you, send someone, send yourself. Something Lord.

I know they are in a [natural] drought.

Maybe you're in a [spiritual] drought.

I start to pray, "Loose the rain early this year." "Loose the rain"

As soon as I say it, I hear the Lord say...You have it all wrong, pray "Loose the reins"

The rei[g]ns of Satan. The rei[g]ns of Death. The rei[g]ns of Evil.

So, how do you start to pray for them, for yourself?

Start to pray that the reins [like that that guides a horse], change owners---that The one who came to kill steal and destroy you would no longer hold the reins in any area of your life, but that when you look back, The One who came to bring life and that more abundantly is...

leading you---directing you---providing for you---guiding you with his reign in your life.

Reign Jesus Reign.

I gave you the reins back over Somalia.

I give you the reins back over Candra.

You Reign.


  1. Great post. I too struggle with what can I do, how can I pray, is my little prayer changing things, etc.
    Thanks for te great reminders and insight.

  2. I needed these words today. Sometimes I don't know if I give the reins to Satan, or if he gives them back to me and lets me make my own destruction.
    Becoming a mom has made me a bit of a control freak. It's a daily exercise to let go and fully trust in the Lord. Praying for that strength!

  3. You always have such insightful posts. Thanks for sharing.



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