Monday, August 8, 2011

Master Cleanse Fail

Happy Monday Y' is my Vlog for the week [I recorded yesterday]. Hopefully I can make you laugh in under 3 minutes so you can have a moment of humor in your day. Be it laughing at my hand gestures or facial expressions, or the way YouTube froze my face below...ha. If you need me you can find me under a stack of dishes or laundry or toys or dirt or things to do list. Monday's aren't my favorite days---but on the bright side---I did get to eat breakfast today.


  1. I saw on your blog you dont eat soy products, why is that?

  2. Blah. You look gorgeous. Your hair is cute, I can't see any sweat, and dirty houses are part of the life of mommies of three. (At least I hope they are because mine right now? Yuck.)
    OK, Question: Which Lord of the Rings Character are you (not would you like to be) and why? Hehe I'm such a nerd.

  3. Have you tried an anti-inflammatory diet? Maybe just try cutting inflammatory foods for about a month and boost your diet with fresh, raw fruits and veggies and tons of water. Your liver will thank you. Add way more in than you are used to... Safer and less extreme on your body than a master cleanse. Even though the MC cleanses your liver, it also washes all the nutrition out, and first tri babies absorb the nutrition from moms' bodies that was put in prior to conception.

    I personally think the master cleanse is dangerous. All that citric acid on an empty stomach isn't safe.

    Anti inflammatory: no dairy, gluten, corn, caffeine, chocolate, or sugar (sugar from fresh fruit is OK, but not from juices or processed sugars or syrups). Meats are best if grass-fed, hormone free, and free range. :-)

    Helpful tip: rice, potatoes and quinoa are good supplement side dishes where you would be used to gluten and corn products.

    Good luck!

  4. Your vlog is cute.
    Ok questions: If you could go on a trip anywhere, where would it be and why?
    What cause are you most passionate about and why?
    What is your favorite movie and why?

  5. I feel like I get to "chat" with you with these! (I don't talk to my computer...I promise).

    My question is when you are at your "aaaahhhh" point with any of your kids what do you do to quickly regroup and get back to a decent place to interact with them?

  6. i thought your hair was so cute, and yes, you did make me laugh. i know you probably already know this but milk thistle is great for the liver and i guess something is better than nothing even though it is not as strong as a master cleanse. just fasting in general (even if you did a veggie/fruit fast) or something is cleansing all around for your body. i think charles did the toxic relief before. this is what i did before getting married and getting pregnant soon after. it is more gentle on your system and although it's not liver specific it would still be a good cleansing. i would really like to do something like that again, but not sure because Love nurses a LOT and I still make lots of milk so I might need to stick with juicing and milk thistle.

  7. question: what was one of your most amazing moments/time/revelation/ ministry of/with the Lord?



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