Friday, August 19, 2011

Funny Friday #22

Do you ever come up with crazy games for your kids just to keep them interested in the same-old-backyard, or the same-old-toys? Well this week I invented boot bowling. I lined up all their boots in the backyard [that's a whole other post] and gave them some heavy bocce balls to throw at them. Let's just say they didn't want to come inside when outside time was over. "Boot Bowling" For-The-Win.

[Insert picture of poopie cloth diaper here]

Disclaimer: If you [A] don't have kids or [B] don't use cloth diapers or [C] are grossed out by bugs you may not want to continue reading.

So, my neighbor must be thinking, what is that girl doing outside in the dark at 11:30 PM on a Friday night? Is she washing something in the backyard? Is it a cloth diaper? Weirdo. Yep, that was me. Tonight after small group left I could almost go to bed, but wait two things still remained...that one load of laundry I promised myself I'd get to today and of course a blog post.

Imagine me outside spraying off a dirty cloth diaper I might have left in the garage all week because he pooped in it just as I was leaving to go somewhere and my sprayer is still at my rental house...oh and I was avoiding it. I kept putting it off until now I'm too cheap to be on the verge of loosing it. WELL---y'all, it had maggots in it, yep, you heard me right, and it was majorly caked on. The things we do for our kids! 

[Insert picture of small fan on kitchen counter blowing into Ziplock of lettuce]

I'm still not sure how to dry lettuce even after rinsing, and spinning in my salad spinner, and patting dry with a paper towel. It still sometimes seems---wet. So, this week I tried letting my fan [that I tote around the house all day to blow on me because apparently I'm permanently "temperature pregnant"] do some of the drying for me. As I stared there at my lettuce being blowing around in a bag like a women's hair for a photo shoot, I thought---should I even photograph this?

Candra, you have out done yourself domestically this time.

Anything funny happen to you this week? Link up below & comment!

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