Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thankful Thursday Top Ten 46

Thankful This Week For:

1. Slightly sunburned shoulders around the Georgi house, earned by hours of endless backyard fun though

2. Sprinklers, local lake beach, neighbors/friends/families pools, local water park...all keeping us wet & cool this hot summer

3. VBS. Nation went two years ago, but was a wee bit young and although he made it all week he didn't do so well. This year, he's doing great & obeying, but his teacher told me he has more energy than she's seen in a boy...ever. And she's been teaching a-long-time. Thank you for the pat on the bat Mrs. VBS

4. Having three boys. Although two would appear less work, I think life is easier when Nation is here all day. Oddly enough. I don't think having less is easier, I think the more older children you have the easier. It's the younger ones that wear us mommies out [well...until the teen years?].

5. What Beth Moore taught this week...we only get one life, so let's make it wild and absent of boredom [although I'm not sure with little kids that's ever optional]. 

"It's not a wild ride if you're driving, it's only a wild ride if you're the passenger and He is driving."

6. Store bought bread, disposable diapers, and paper we still unpack, adjust and settle in

7. Last nights thunderstorm. We ate dinner with all the lights off and all the downstairs blinds open, and when we went to bed we opened all our blinds upstairs in our bedroom and watched the show.

8. My middle child, who is getting very close to being completely potty trained. He's wearing undies all day and having very few accidents. Most importantly, he's telling mommy when he has to pee before instead of after he does ; ) 

9. Seeing a glimmer and glimpse of supernatural restoration, hope, and healing happen before my very eyes for a friend

10. Community. Not everyone has it. I definitely take it for granted. Thankful for my church, my small group, my best friends, and my family. 

Ask God today if someone you know could use a real friend.


  1. I read an article last week on the active alert child. I'll send you the link. It definitely described my oldest and Nation reminds me of him. Physically it is less draining as they get older but emotionally and mentally it can be more draining. When you add newborns in with teens it is definitely a roller coaster and you can either hang on for life or throw your hands in the air and enjoy the ride. I thought about letting my kids participate in a VBS this summer but I'm really enjoying a more laid back schedule and staying home. Which Beth Moore study are you doing? Are you doing it at home or with a group?

  2. we had a major thunderstorm last night too!! we ended up having oour 4 year old sleep on our bedroom floor! i can't wait for alex to start vbs this summer!!!

  3. Thanks for your thankfuls! I can't get the link to let me do an image so generic image it is :) Also read yesterday's post...hmmm, will be waiting for baby news and praying for peace in the meantime :)

  4. Solomon's eyes look gorgeous is that picture!!! Wish my kids had a chance for blue eyes! ;)

  5. I haven't linked up in ahwile but I always enjoy thankful thursday and reading your posts :)



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