Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weight Watcher Wednesday 18


Down 1.5 from last week...I attribute that to some activity points earned deep cleaning this [larger than my last] house and finishing up Moses' weaning process. He's been nursing less and less and I'm finally---after 5 years, 8 months, and a few days closing in on a season where I am not either pregnant or nursing.

Yes, I have baby fever, and yes I only plan to stay in this season for a few more months, but it has been nearly 6 years since I've felt a normal appetite and not that of one for two.

I will miss nursing Mr. Moses, but he's nearly 15 months and I'm hopeful to be nursing another bambino next year. Nation weaned at 17 months, Solomon I weaned at 16 because I was so ill with Moses' pregnancy, and although I'd love to continue nursing Moses to 18 months [my goal]...I'm ready to get the weight off and get started on baby #4.

That's my plan anyways, we'll see what God has in store ; )


  1. I just read someone else's post who wants to lose weight so they can have another baby. That is such a neat reason! May God richly bless your efforts!

  2. Keep it up girl! You can do it! Congrats on being able to nurse as long as you did, too! Ty weaned himself at 8 months when I got pregnant with Troy, but I nursed Troy 12 months. Audrey's still latched on at 9. ;)

    To answer your post on my blog, (and I love Pandora!), I have a pretty eclectic taste. lol. I currently have a jazz/swing station (i.e. Louis Armstrong), country (think Sara Evans), broadway showtunes, and gospel - I love me some quartet singing like the Gaither Vocal Band and EHSS!

  3. Corri, hmm, I'm more of a boring mainstream person, but my sitter has all those stations on my Pandora in the kitchen because she loves all that stuff so the kids get to listen to it when she's here because she's cultured even if I'm not! ha ha

    Thanks Alicia, Sarah and Melissa!



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